Williams Wins WBA/IBF Junior Middleweight Belt over Hurd … Korobov vs. Aleem a DRAW … Berchelt Stops Vargas to Retain WBC Super Featherweight Title

By Tom Donelson  / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

On Saturday night (May 11, 2019) Julian Williams, fighting in his opponent’s backyard and a big underdog to Jarrett Hurd, carried out the perfect game plan to produce the big upset.  Williams put the pressure on Hurd throughout the bout and took advantage of Hurd’s habit of starting slowly to build up a big lead.  After three rounds, I had Williams up by four points, including a second round knock down 다운로드.

The Compubox numbers told the story. While Hurd threw more punches, Williams was the more effective fighter as he handed more punches, more jabs, more power shots and was the more accurate puncher.  Every phase of the bout favored Williams. 

From the very beginning, Williams used his accurate punches to take advantage of his opponent’s wider punches and his body shots aided his overall attack. Over the second half of the bout, Hurd tried to turn the tide but Williams kept his cool and, while both fighters were shaken by power shots, both fighters remained on their feet. 

This was an action fight from the beginning and the judges had it scored correctly.  I had it 116-111 but the 115-112 score was reasonable and even Hurd accepted that he lost 다운로드. No complaints.

Matt Korobov entered a hard fought battle with Immauwel Aleem 남이될수있을까 mp3. I had the fight 97-93 in favor of Korobov but it depended upon how you scored the first seven rounds, which I gave to Korobov. A couple of rounds were close but Aleem won the last three rounds on most judges scorecards and I agreed with them on that.  Korobov is not a stranger to close decisions as he lost a close bout to Jermall Charlo.  This was a tough call for Korobov, but Aleem did come back strong after being dominated early in the fight. One key call was a Korobov knockdown of Aleem in the fourth round which was ruled a slip. If ruled a knockdown, this would have resulted in a 10-8 round and a Korobov victory.

Miguel Berchelt defeated Francisco Vargas in a rematch of their bout two years earlier.  The 34 year old Vargas slipped skill wise from his previous bout and Berchelt improved.  Two years earlier, the bout lasted 11 rounds before Berchelt won by TKO. This bout was a one sided affair as Berchelt landed double the punches of his opponent.  Berchelt landed 48 punches in the second round followed by 41 punches in the third round, 47 punches in the fourth round, 50 punches in the fifth round, and 45 punches in the sixth round. That is complete domination and Vargas’ corner threw in the towel after the sixth round.  Vargas had no problem with his corner stopping the fight.

This was an evening of great action bouts and we get a Hurd vs. Williams rematch in the future which will be a fight friendly bout. 

One thought on “Williams Wins WBA/IBF Junior Middleweight Belt over Hurd … Korobov vs. Aleem a DRAW … Berchelt Stops Vargas to Retain WBC Super Featherweight Title

  1. JRock really upped his game while Hurd looked flat. Berchelt is close to a p4p guy.

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