Women’s Golden Gloves

The Women’s National Golden Gloves is this week! My friend, Desiree D’Alessandro is putting a call out to anyone interested in supporting her ambition to win the national title!
This endeavor will not come cheap, with the 8-hour round-trip commute and gas expenses, hotel reservations, registration and licensing fees for her and her corner, and a rental vehicle for the week since her car recently died. Any support to help her make this dream come true would be greatly appreciated! Donations are currently being accepted at www.desiree-dalessandro.com.
Please share with others who might be interested in contributing!


please note – that Desiree is a dear friend and any help that we can give her will probably be more appreciated to me – than to her.  She is such a hard working and dedicated human being – I just love her!


Thank you in advance for your support and contribution you might provide to her!


One thought on “Women’s Golden Gloves

  1. Thanks for sharing, David! I love you and miss you! I’ve been training approximately 12 hours a week while balancing up to 4 other jobs to prepare for this fight for months. My dad is visiting from Pittsburgh; I haven’t seen him since November, and he is SHOCKED at the difference in technique and ability since a new trainer has been working with me. We all strongly believe I’m going to win this, and we’re excited to bring home the national title! 🙂

    Love you!
    Desiree D’Alessandro

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