World Championship Fights – The First on TV

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

Television has brought many fights into our homes over the past 70 years, and the number of those bouts is impressive 아크로뱃 다운로드.

Here’s a look at the first world championship fights to be televised in each of the eight major weight divisions back when most of us weren’t even born … now that is amazing 영화 룸 다운로드!

HEAVYWEIGHT / December 5, 1947 / Joe Louis vs. Jersey Joe Walcott  / Madison Square Garden, New York / Result: Louis 15-round split decision 오늘도 빛나는 너에게 inst 다운로드.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT / February 28, 1947 / Gus Lenevish vs. Billy Fox / Madison Square Garden, New York / Result: Lenevish 10th round knockout.

MIDDLEWEIGHT / February 14, 1951 Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake LaMotta / Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois / Result: Robinson 13th round knockout.

WELTERWEIGHT / February 1, 1946 / Freddie Cochrane vs. Marty Servo / Madison Square Garden, New York / Result: Servo 4th round knockout.

LIGHTWEIGHT / June 28, 1946 / Bob Montgomery vs. Allie Stolz / Madison Square Garden, New York / Result: Montgomery 13th round knockout.

FEATHERWEIGHT / September 29, 1944 / Willie Pep vs. Chalky Wright / Madison Square Garden, New York / Result: Pep 15-round unanimous decision.

BANTAMWEIGHT / November 5, 1957 / Alphonse Halimi vs. Raton Macias / Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California / Result: Halimi 15-round split decision.

FLYWEIGHT / October 27, 1953 / Yoshio Shirai vs. Terry Allen / Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan / Result: Shirai 15-round unanimous decision. 

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