2015 Christmas Gifts from dmboxing.com

David -crop

As Christmas approaches, I am doing something new this season in recognition of some people that have been loyal and supportive to this website by giving them my official dmboxing.com t-shirt, as a gift and as a thank you 다운로드.

The choice was difficult, but I narrowed it down to two dozen (24) individuals that I consider boxing fans and true friends.

They are: Henry Calles, Steve Corbo, Oscar Gracia Jr., Bob Quackenbush, John Palminteri, Ray Cerda, Gilbert Rubio, Jeff Hodges, Gene Aguilera, John Boitnott, Jim Amato, Joel Foose, Aldo Estrada, Bill Dempsey Young, Dave Wilcox, Vincent Pimentel, Harold Lederman, Edgar Gonzalez, John Nunes, Tom Donelson, Juan Magana, Mark Rabatin, Rick Ornelas and Joey Olmos (R.I.P 다운로드. ) … all will receive their t-shirts by Christmas.

I know you have many choices in boxing; thank you for making this website one of them and Merry Christmas everyone 다운로드!

Respectfully, David Martinez


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