Legendary Corner Man Chuck Bodak Has A Stroke

Dear Boxing Friends:

I have received many phone calls & e-mails regarding my friend boxing corner man CHUCK BODAK. I am sharing the latest information regarding his health, and I ask everyone to please add him to your prayer list for a speedy recovery 다운로드. The following e-mail is from my best of friends: Michele Chong and Steve Harpst from the Burbank, California, youth boxing club.

David Martinez

Hi all,
We saw our friend and legendary cutman Chuck Bodak yesterday at the hospital 다운로드.
He is doing okay, considering the effects of a stroke at 91 years old.

His left side has been weakened and they’re still running tests re his future mobility 다운로드.
You’ll be happy to know that his ‘feisty’ personality is 99.9% intact and he
was busy trying to flirt with the nurses at the hospital!

He can’t wait to go home and start decoupaging his collages and jewelry again.
We are all hoping he WILL be able to retain his previous lifestyle. Time will tell.
I have passed along all of the great e-mail and phone messages to Chuck.
Keep the cards comin’! 🙂
Visiting hours update: 11 am-8 pm daily. See below for hospital info if you need it.
Thank you,

Michele & Steve

p.s. L.A. Times/Burbank lead reporter Jeff Tully wrote a nice mention about Chuck in today’s paper.

Here it is below:

Boxing Mainstay Suffers Stroke

Longtime boxing cornerman Chuck Bodak hospitalized: Chuck Bodak, 91, a colorful character in the world of professional boxing for decades, suffered a stroke Monday.

He is currently undergoing medical treatment and testing at Anaheim Memorial Hospital.

Bodak is a friend of the Burbank Boxing Club and has made several appearances at the Burbank Community YMCA. In addition, he has traveled and worked with the club’s fighters.

Renowned for his work as a cut man and trainer, Bodak has been involved with more than 60 world champions. His fighters have been some of the finest athletes ever to grace the sport, including Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns and Evander Holyfield.

Chuck Bodak is a name that is probably not easily recognized, except to die-hard boxing fans. However, he had a distinctive trademark.

Michele wrote:

> Hello to all of our friends in the boxing world.
> Some sad news that our pal Chuck Bodak has suffered a stroke this morning.
> Please send your thoughts & prayers his way.
> I spoke with Joe Angellar (Chuck’s roommate/great caretaker) and he said that
> Chuck is conscious, but is hard of hearing and his speech has been impaired due to this stroke. he is currrently undergoing medical tests right now and we’ll know more soon.
> If you’d like to contact Joe Angellar, his number is 714-745-7727.
> Here is the hospital info for Chuck:
> Anaheim Memorial Hospital
> Room C-275
> Hospital phone number is 714-774-1450.
> 1111 W. La Palma Ave.
> Anaheim 92801
> *Please forward this to anyone I may have missed*
> Thanks,
> Michele Chong and Steve Harpst

2 thoughts on “Legendary Corner Man Chuck Bodak Has A Stroke

  1. Dave, Thanks for posting the info on Chuck. I’ve passed it on to Claude. Chuck used to stay at our house whenever he was in this area…He is a charming, delightful, and funny houseguest!

  2. Please forward this to Chuck Bodak :
    A very good friend of mine by the name of Michael Andolini once upon a time met you as he was in the same gym that Mohamad Ali was training on the first day for his fight against Larry Holmes.Myfrend Michael wanted to get a photo of him and Ali but Ali didnt want to take the photo at the time.
    You in turn went up to Ali and told him “Hey Mohamad this kid came all the way out here on a greyhound bus to see you and you won’t spend aminute to take a photo with him ?”
    Ali relented and stood next to him and the photographer took about four pictures of my good friend Michael Andolini and Ali.
    Only thing is Michael never got a chance to see or get a copy of these photos.
    My friend Michael was a boxer as well at that time he was the sparing partner for John “The Heat” Derosa on that day back then.
    Is there any way in the world I could possibley get ahold of those photos and see theat my very good friend Michael Andolini get a copy of them ?
    It would mean the world to Michael if this was possible.
    I write this on his behalf.
    My name is Skip Banks. I live down here in San Diego.My mobile phone # is 61 9 647 9344.
    I hope in some way you or a family member can call me about this.
    In the mean time I am sorry to hear about your stroke Chuck. Both Michael and I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery.Michael was telling me these great stories about your jewlery.
    I would be honered and Michael as well if we would here from you regarding info as to how we could get these photos if posible in any way shape or form.
    Thank you so much for your time,

    Skip Banks

    I called the hospital just now to see if he was still there and I am told he is not.
    Whoever reeceives this would you please call me to give me info as to how I could contact him please ?
    Please call 619 647 9344 thank you

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