RING TRIVIA "answers" April 2009

1) The late legendary ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, Sr 엑자일 다운로드. once managed a heavyweight boxer – who was he ?
the answer is – Tommy Franco Thomas

2) On September 7, 1892 was the “first” heavyweight match under the Marquis of Queensberry rules in which gloves were used; John L Sullivan vs 컬투 쇼 다시 듣기 다운로드. James Corbett … what size were the gloves ?
the answer is – 5 ounce

3) Singer recording artist from the late sixties Tammi Terrell, who sang many hits with Marvin Gaye, was the niece of what boxer 다운로드?
the answer is – Bob Montgomery

there are always three “new” RING TRIVIA questions posted up for your enjoyment around the 5th of each month … with answers available for viewing same month approximately three weeks later!