National Pride

By Ray Cerda                           
Saturday November 14th Manny Pacquiao will try to win a 7th world title in as many weight classes 케이크 어플 다운로드. Even though the fight is set to take place at the contracted limit of 145 pounds the WBO welterweight title and the newly formed WBC Diamond Belt will be at stake 다운로드. The Diamond belt was made in honor of fights that take place between two elite fighters. The odds opened up 2 1/2 to 1 in favor for Manny which seems a little unfair considering Miguel is a natural welterweight who happens to be the champion 다운로드. But who can blame the casinos? With the way Manny’s been fighting I wouldn’t bet against him even if he were fighting Mike Tyson.
But more is at stake than just the WBO and WBC titles 다운로드. Legacies will be tainted or cemented here. Miguel could become the most beloved fighter Puerto Rico has ever produced with a win over Pacquiao. It would also blast him into super stardom outside the boxing realm 다운로드. Manny on the other hand would make history by becoming the first fighter to have won 7 world titles in 7 different weight classes. A journey that started off in the junior flyweight division and has jumped up 9 weight classes 다운로드. A feat not likely to be duplicated any time soon.
Both fighter’s are icons in their country and are on most boxing writers top 5 pound for pound list java 대용량 excel. So not only will they have the support of their boxing fans but both fighters’ will have their countries on their shoulders. Manny who is the most recognizable face in the Philippines brings hope to a poverty stricken country 웹 하드 폴더 다운로드. The same place where he fought his way up from nothing. Miguel on the other hand was once considered the best welterweight alongside Floyd Mayweather, is now looking to reclaim his status 다운로드. He is also following the footsteps of other great Puerto Rican fighters before him and is looking to make his own impact on the sport of boxing.
There are so many tangibles in this fight its hard to pick a clear cut winner 다운로드. Both men have their advantages that the other has an answer for or that neutralize the others strength. Whatever the outcome, fight fans will not lose with this fight. You have two world class fighters at the top of their game who like to mix it up. That combination is a sure winner.
NOTE: Ray Cerda is a free lance boxing writer. He is one of my best friends in a sport that we both love with a passion and he offers the highest quality of expertise. I am blessed to have him as my friend and honored to have him contribute to this website.
David Martinez  / Boxing Historian