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Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

A bit surprised by the early ending of the Paul Williams v 다운로드. Kermit Cintron fight, with the judges having scored the fight for Williams, although the ending, in my humble opinion was anti-climactic as California goes to the scorecards after three rounds 안드로이드 한영사전 다운로드. It’s their rules, but it took some interest out of the fight.

Cintron fell through the ropes and the fight was justly stopped, but a bit early to go to the scorecards for me 다운로드.

This week we go to NYC’s famed Madison Square Garden for an interesting WBA light welterweight title go between Amir Khan of the UK and Paulie Malignaggi, a native of Brooklyn, NY 다운로드.

Khan 22-1 is six years younger than Malignaggi, and has as good (or bad) punch. They both have solid chins.

Khan has a slight height and reach advantage, which probably will have little bearing on the outcome 다운로드.

I think this is a pick-‘em fight that goes the distance with a hometown decision for Malginaggi.

Glove 2 Glove:
Prayers requested for former Tongan fighter George Mahoni who passed away at age 72 and for former U.S 다운로드. fighter Billy “Spider” Kelly, who passed away at age 78.
Prayers for all their souls as well as for the comfort of their families are also requested 구글크롬 동영상.

Prayers for the return to health of Casey Guerrero, wife of popular boxer, Robert. “The Ghost’s” wife is having a recurring bout with leukemia 다운로드.
Needless to say we need prayers for the return to health of former champ Gerald McClellan, who is confined to wheelchairs.
On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers 슈퍼 마리오 3d 월드 다운로드.
Thanks and God bless.***
Rusty Rubin was managing editor of as well as the now defunct Ringsports Magazine. He is also the author of three acclaimed boxing books 다운로드! “Woozel, Boxing and Me”, “Off the Canvas” and “Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” co-authored by Tom Donelson. These books are available at, and all major book retailers.

Please allow me to recommend, two other books, the “Arc of Boxing” by Mike Silver and “My Life among the Icons” by Johnny Ortiz.
In these hard economic times, any or all of these books will make an excellent and inexpensive presents to the boxing fan(s) in your life.

You will be glad you did!***