Alex Ramos, photo by George Garcia

After being the first website that brought you the news regarding Alex Ramos being hospitalized last week, I want to thank the many that have contacted me personally inquiring about his condition and health 아이폰 백그라운드 다운로드.

At this time I would like to up-date you on his progress and what better way to do that than by a note that I received from Jacquie Richardson and that I will now share with you 윈도우 7 32비트 다운로드. Please continue your prayers for Alex and do give him a call, as I am sure he will appreciate that very much!

David Martinez / Boxing Historian


Thought you would all like to know that Alex Ramos is out of the
hospital, and is walking with a cane, although he has a ways to go 맥용 포토샵 무료.
He is blown away by all of the email and phone calls and cards. It is
hard for me to believe that one week ago this minute, he was coming
out of a 48 hour coma!! 다운로드! He will be getting home health assistance
(nursing) and he will also have home physical therapy. He got
amazing care at Simi Valley Adventist Hospital and the nurses were sad
to see him go 다운로드. Alex thanks you all for your love, prayers and
support, and asks that you continue through his recovery. His feet
are still very painful when he walks, but that does not stop him 통화내역 다운로드!
Alex IS a fighter and we are all grateful for his miraculous recovery.
Like I said, he’s too mean to die and he is to determined to beat
this thing, and I believe he will 드래곤과의 춤 다운로드. As you would expect, he wants to
run but he has to walk, first.

I would also like to thank you all for the moral support. We could
not have gone through this alone 다운로드. We needed to multiply our own
prayers and you were there for us. THANK YOU!

If you want to call Alex, feel free to call him on his cell phone at
(805) 390-7334 다운로드.

Love and hugs,

Jacquie Richardson
Executive Director