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Art Aragon, David Martinez

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

The boxing world was saddened this week by the passing of former lightweight and welterweight boxer Art Aragon – a colorful man in and out of the ring 다운로드.

Art was born in 1927 in Belen, New Mexico, and had a professional ring record of 90 wins, 20 losses, 6 draws, with 61 knockouts. He engaged in more bouts (25) than any other fighter at the once famous Hollywood Legion Stadium 맥북 pdf.

In a nickname that was originated by boxer Tommy Garland, Art was known as the Golden Boy in his era, 1944 to 1960, a total of 116 bouts.

In his career he fought such greats as Enrique Bolanos, Jimmy Carter, Lauro Salas, Don Jordan, Chico Vejar, Carmen Basilio, Cisco Andrade, and in his only shot at a championship fight, he lost a 15 round decision to Jimmy Carter in 1951 for the world lightweight title 프랑스어 사전 다운로드.

For the many fans that were fortunate to see him fight, they were blessed to see a man that gave them their money’s worth in a career that spanned 16 memorable years 다운로드.

May his soul rest in peace in heaven – Art Aragon!

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  1. One day I wandered into Art Aragon’s Bail Bond office. Art was there and signed a program for me. Whenever I was in he Valley I would go into his office and we would have lunch. He truly was a personality who could charm the leaves off the trees. He loved to talk about boxing and of course very opinionated. What a guy!

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