An exhibition by Desiree D’Alessandro in collaboration with Raymond Douglas

April 18th through April 22nd, 2011

Closing Reception and Exhibition Bout Friday April 22nd, 2011 from 5-7pm

in Old Gym Gallery 479 on UCSB campus

Artists Desiree D’Alessandro and Raymond Douglas take a unique look at the local student body of Isla Vista, focusing specifically on recreational and competition boxers 다운로드.


The exhibition will not only depict student boxers utilizing traditional artistic approaches, but also allows the physical bodies engaged in athleticism first-hand be the medium on exhibit in an art context 다운로드. This innovative and intriguing displacement facilitates dialogue across the boundaries of art and athleticism in a generative and productive new arena 다운로드.


The venue that hosts the culmination of these efforts is a site of particular interest. UC Santa Barbara’s Gallery 479 is a site imbued with athletic history that still features rustic floors dating from when the space was a recreation center prior to 1949.The interplay of activating the current gallery and historical use of the space is invigorating for the context of holding an athletic-themed art exhibition, complete with alternative hours where the gallery is utilized as a training facility and a closing reception exhibition bout 문문 물감 다운로드.

Ten student boxers from the local community, photographed by Douglas, will be on display alongside heavy bags and a full-scale boxing ring constructed by D’Alessandro. The featured student-boxers include Cameron Arthur, Sarah Cammann, Desiree D’Alessandro, Christian Gebbe, Annika Harper, Wally Ludel, Johnny Nguyen, Christine Olson, Jennifer Shin and Alan Swanson. Funding and support for this event has been generously provided by the UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Department of Art, Duke’s Boxing/Fitness of Isla Vista and David Martinez of

Art in Athleticism: The Form and Physicality of Boxing runs from Monday April 18th through Friday April 22nd, 2011. The closing reception and finale exhibition bout will be on Friday April 22nd from 5-7pm. Gallery hours are M-F from 11-5pm and Training Facility hours are Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm.



Desiree D’Alessandro

(813) 312 – 3510


Event Information:

Gallery Information (map/parking):


* Pictured: Desiree D’Alessandro photographed by Raymond Douglas, 2011



  1. Tonight at 5PM in Gallery 479, Desiree D’Alessandro from the UCSB Department of Art will take on challenger Cholle Morales from the UCSB College of Creative Studies. The final bout will feature competition amateur boxers Alan Swanson and Ed Janisch. Come early to secure a seat and place your bets for a finale that can’t be missed!

  2. I would like to thank the following individuals for their direct contributions and/or assistance that helped make the Art in Athleticism: The Form & Physicality of Boxing exhibit possible:

    Boxing Community:
    Thanks goes out to coach Henry “Duke” Calles of Duke’s Boxing & Fitness, Hall of Fame boxing historian David Martinez of, and trainer Mark Lee. Thanks also to Nicholle Morales from the College of Creative Studies, Alan Swanson and Ed Janisch who fought in the exhibition bout finale. Thanks is also extended Sarah Cammann for keeping time and working the ringside bell and to the photographed student boxers including Cameron Arthur, Sarah Cammann, Christian Gebbe, Annika Harper, Wally Ludel, Johnny Nguyen, Christine Olson, Jennifer Shin and Alan Swanson. Lastly, I’d like to also thank additional Duke’s Boxing members who turned out for the event during training facility hours and/or showed their support at the closing reception exhibition bout.

    Funders and Supporters:
    Funding and support for this event was generously provided by the UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Department of Art, Duke’s Boxing/Fitness of Isla Vista and David Martinez of

    Thesis Committee Members and Faculty:
    Thanks to Colin Gardner, Richard Ross, Kip Fulbeck, Dick Hebdige, Harry Reese, Terrence Handscomb, and additional faculty/staff who came out to see and/or support the exhibition.

    Construction and Fabrication:
    An enormous thank you goes out to Michael Schmitt and Ken Yokota, for without their technical assistance, the ring could have never been erected and the heavy bags would have ripped through the ceiling. Thanks also goes out to Daniel Zimmie who helped in the preliminary construction and design stages, and Diego Auchstetter who was always available for additional assistance. I’d like to also thank the Theater Department for their generous rope donation.

    My collaborator, Raymond Douglas, merits an enormous thank you for taking and preparing the large premium lustre photographs that were on exhibit in Gallery 479 and helping put this exhibit together. I’d like to thank the following people as well who contributed to this show’s success: Alejandro Casazi and Laura Devendorf for IHC publicity and promotion, Camille Bartz for handling reimbursement finances, Vicky for painting Gallery 479, Joel Sherman and Steven Ruiz for their mstudio assistance, Trela Cowan for event circulation, Bessie Kunath for event promotion details and the training facility fan, Patrick Melroy for his awesome cooler, my father Victor D’Alessando for keeping me sane over the phone, FL trainer Walt Conrad who pushed me to my boxing limits over winter and spring breaks, my fellow grads and art peers for their unwavering support and everyone who attended the show!

    Thanks goes out to the Department of Art, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Graduate Division, The Daily Nexus, The Bottom Line, The Santa Barbara Independent, KCSB 91.9, Santa Barbara Art Blog,, California Humanities Scholars website, HASTAC website, and more.

    Documentation Team:
    Thanks goes out to photographer James Colon from the Graduate Division and videographer Kam, Troy David from the disco estudio, Andres Burbano, Michael Johnson, and Amanda Pine.

    *** There were numerous other people taking video, pictures and audio recordings during the event and I would be honored to get copies of any files you would be willing to share. They will be included in an upcoming catalog that documents the event. Please contact me at 813.312.3510 or ***

    I am very pleased and excited with the overall event, reception, and acclaim it has received from the University and community.

    It would not have have been possible without everyone’s encouragement and support.

    Thank you all again.

    Desiree Ann D’Alessandro

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