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Skakur Stevenson “Impressive” Stoppage Over Shuichiro Yoshino


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Shakur Stevenson faced undefeated Shuichiro Yoshino for WBC lightweight eliminator as he began a quest for a third title. 

Stevenson spent the first minute feeling out Yoshino to see what he had, and while Yoshino try to connect with body shots, Stevenson hand speed prove problematic for Yoshino and his defense made Yoshino miss as he took the first round 자기소개서 ppt 다운로드.

Yoshino landed a solid right down the middle at the beginning of the second round, but he couldn’t match Stevenson hand speed and Stevenson landed combinations almost at will 다운로드. Stevenson landed a right to the body and with little more than a minute left, Stevenson followed the right to the body with a left hook, sending Yoshino down. 

Yoshino kept pushing the issues in the third, but Stevenson kept landing clean shots and took the Japanese to school.  After three rounds I had this fight 30-26 다운로드.

The fourth round was similar as Yoshino kept pushing forward but Shakur kept nailing his opponent.  Stevenson cracked a left that sent Yoshino down a second time and Yoshino had to know from this point he was outclassed.  He didn’t appeared hurt, but Skakur Stevenson simply dominated the round as he landed a right hook, straight left and uppercuts.  The score after four was 40-34 옥란면옥 다운로드.

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Fight Club OC Is Back Delivering Non-Stop Action On April 13, 2023

Englebrecht Promotions & Events, has just added an interesting bout to their April 13th Fight Club OC show at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California 다운로드. Cruiserweight Tervel Pulev 16-1 (13 KOs) will face Joel Shojgreen 14-4 (13 KOs) in a scheduled eight-rounder 다운로드. Tervel is from Sofia, Bulgaria, and will be flying into Las Vegas on April 1st. He is the younger brother of world-ranked Kubrat Pulev, who will be in his corner for the bout 안드로이드 해킹 어플 다운로드. Brooklyn native Shojgreen is a Joe DeGuardia/Star Boxing fighter. The card can be seen on FITE editplus

April 13th Boxing Bouts

6-0 (2KO’s) Sonny “The Bear” Robledo returns on April 13th, this time Robledo will be fighting for the Fight Club OC/Tequila Mandala Young Champions Belt and against 4-1 (3KO’s) Tyrrell Washington from Mira Loma, CA 다운로드. This fight is set for six rounds in the Super Lightweight division and slated for the final bout of the evening.

4-2 (3KO’s) Fight Club OC veteran Michael Meyers returns against tough Mario Aguirre, a veteran of 24 fights. If you remember the Robledo vs. Meyers from last year you remember six rounds of back and forth action! Meyers plans on showing Fight Club OC fans another outstanding performance in the ring come April 13th.

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Plant Gets Plastered By Benavidez

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers of America

Caleb Plant after his loss to Canelo Alvarez came back with a brutal knockout of Anthony Dirrell and faced undefeated David Benavidez for another shot at Canelo Alvarez.  The winner will be in a position for a big money fight and Benavidez would like to be a champion again.   On paper this was the classic battle between the boxer Plant versus the power punching Benavidez ggpo.

Plant began the fight and feinted a few times while Benavidez fell short on a couple of body shots.  Plants jab to the body and then jabbed to the head before holding.  Plant won the opening rounds with his jab. 

The second round saw Plant begin with a quick flurry and dodged out of the way of Benavidez punches.  Benavidez landed a good left hook while Plant circles around to land accurate fast punches to the body.  The round ended with a Plant jab 레인맨.

Plant began the third round aggressively with a left hook while Benavidez attempts to cut off the ring while scoring with a left hook.  Plant was jabbing but Benavidez looked like he was starting to time Plant’s jab extjs 엑셀. Plant smiled as Benavidez scored a hard right.

The fourth saw Benavidez starting with body shots and Plant responded with body combinations of his own.  Benavidez looked for spots to land his shots but Plant defensive skills proved elusive 다운로드. Benavidez connected with a left hook and Plant was forced to hold.  After four rounds, I had score 39-37 in favor of Plant, but it was a close fight with no one at this point dominating 다운로드.

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Tszyu by Knockout over Harrison / 9th round

스팟파이어 다운로드

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … Contributor to since 2008

At the age of 22 and son of a boxing legend, Tim Tszyu was fighting veteran and former champion Tony Harrison for the WBO interim Junior Middleweight championship.  Tony Harrison flew down to Australia to fight for one more shot at the title 잊지말기로해 다운로드.

The opening round belonged to Harrison as he dominated the round with just his jab as he connected on 12 jabs but from this point, it was all Tim Tszyu.   In the second round, Tszyu connected with the right hand and uppercuts while Harrison landed his own right hand, but the harder punches were delivered by Tszyu.  The third round was Tszyu as he landed 14 punches with 11 power punches.  Harrison still had an effective jab, but Tszyu walked him down and forced him on the rope where he landed a big right that stunned Harrison 다운로드.

Harrison jabs no longer had much impact on Tszyu but like in the previous two rounds, Tszyu punches were the most impactful and after first four rounds, I had the bout 39-37. 

In the fifth and sixth round saw Tszyu continue to pressure Harrison and force him to the ropes.  Tszyu landing powder shots whereas Harrison continued to jab but not much else.  The seventh round saw Harrison landing  his own power shots but Tszyu absorbed them while landing his own power shots content-disposition 다운로드.

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Jarrett Hurd loses by KNOCKOUT – and – Brandon Figueroa Defeats Mike Masayo by DECISION


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWWA)

Jarrett Hurd was a junior Middleweight champion five years ago with three belts in his possession but he has now lost two straight bouts at the Middleweight division, his latest loss to Armando Resendiz.  Resendiz had one lost to Marco Hernandez and with only 15 fights under his belt, he is not yet a leading fighter in the Middleweight division 다운로드.

Resendiz started off fast as he took the first two rounds with aggressive approach as Hurd got off to a slow start. Hurd won the third and fourth round and the fifth round was close but after that, it was all Resendiz.  I had the fight 48 to 47 for Resendiz but it could easily have been Hurd up by one round.  Compubox showed why Resendiz won as he dominated the sixth through the ninth before the fight was stopped.  He battered Hurd and while Hurd landed his punches but there were no real damage being done by the former champ.  Resendiz landed nearly 140 punches over the last four rounds before the fight was stoppage.  Hurd landed plenty of punches and overall he landed 228 punches and was slightly more accurate with 41% landing versus 36% for Resendiz. 

Resendiz landed an average of 31 punches, but Hurd averaged 26 punches landed so it wasn’t a defensive masterpiece, but it was an action bout 오버로드 13권 다운로드. The fight was stopped due to severe laceration of the lip and Hurd lost his second straight.   Hurd was one of the best Junior Middleweight five years ago but at the age of 32 and now a Middleweight, Hurd is not a Middleweight contender google play service.

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Foster Defeats Vargas … Barrios Defeats Santiago … Pero Defeats Faust … at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas

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By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Boxing is the theater of the unexpected.  This past Saturday, February 11, 2023, was the 33rd anniversary of the biggest boxing upset in boxing history when Buster Douglas dominated and defeated Mike Tyson as a 42 to 1 underdog.  In boxing, this is a sport where a fighter can come back from a ten-round deficit with one punch 다운로드.

Ukrainian fighter Viktor Faust was taking command of his fight with Cuban fighter Lenier Pero as I had him up 5 rounds to 2 going into the eighth round.  Statistically speaking it was close on compubox numbers but Faust jab dominated the fight, but Pero did have his moments.  In the eighth round, Faust started with his jab before a body shot by Pero slowed Faust down and then Pero landed two big shots that had Faust defenseless on the rope.   Faust suffered a delayed response to the body shot and the referee stopped the fight as he noticed Faust was incapacitated.   Pero down by three rounds on my card, erased that lead with one body shot followed by two nasty head shots 다운로드.

Mario Barrios simple dominated Jovanie Santiago and broke a two-fight losing streak. Compubox states told the while story as he simply won every round easily and connected on three times the punches as Santiago and connected on 41 percent versus only 14 percent for Santiago.  The only real question was when Santiago corner would stop the fight as it was obvious in the second half of, he fights, Barrios was too strong for Santiago and Santiago was not threatening him 버팔로.

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Current Champions


Every 3 months on a quarterly basis, in February, May, August, and November offers this feature – the Current Boxing Champions 시크릿 가든 대본 다운로드. Each are shown in their respective weight division, world title belt organization, listing their native country, and professional ring record in the following format: win-loss-draw-no contest (knockout wins) and the date of winning their title 다운로드.

As of: February, 9, 2023
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