Benavidez stops Lemieux – wins WBC interim Super Middleweight Title

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

David Benavidez is undefeated and looking to become the king of the Super Middleweights and his bout with David Lemieux was his most immediate obstacle.  Lemieux has a big punch with 36 knockouts in 43 victories and is a former Middleweight champion.  For Lemieux, this could be his last shot at a title, and he was the underdog against David Benavidez 다운로드.

In the first round, Lemieux moved forward, going to the body as Benavidez tried to establish a jab to create openings for his right hand.  For the first two minutes, the fight was actually close until the last minute when Benavidez landed big right hands that shook Lemieux.  Near the end of the round, Benavidez landed a short-left hook that sent Lemieux to the ropes 조선일보 명조체 다운로드. The ropes kept Lemieux up and Benavidez landed combinations, but the bell saved Lemieux.  At the time I debated whether to score this 10-8 or 10-9.  My own view has always been that I’ll never score a round 10-8 unless the fighter hits the canvas, no matter how one sided the round.  It makes scoring more objective if the fighter hits the ground and I ended up scoring this 10-9, but there was no doubt that Lemieux was hurt and if the round lasted a few more seconds, the referee would have stopped the fight Ksl download.

Lemieux staggered to his corner and came out fast at the beginning of the second round, in an effort to change the tide.  His attack was ineffectual as many of his blows were blocked.  Benavidez continued to land his power shots and after a series of right hands, Benavidez sent Lemieux down with a left hand.  Lemieux got up and decided to continue his attacks, but Benavidez landed the most blows.  He landed 36 punches to Lemieux’s 11 punches and Benavidez’ punches were the harder punches.  The referee warned Lemieux in between rounds that if he took one more big punch, he was ready to stop the fight

Lemieux continued to throw punches as the third round open up, but these punches were fruitless; Benavidez landed big rights, and Lemieux’s corner saw enough.  Lemieux was still standing but he had no answers for Benavidez and Lemieux’s corner stopped the fight.  Lemieux was game but no match for the “Mexican Monster” (the nickname was given to Benavidez by Mike Tyson) 다운로드.

This was Benavidez’ best fight and put him in a position to challenge Caleb Plant or Canelo Alvarez for the King of the division.  There is also the possibility of a bout with Jermall Charlo, the WBO global Middleweight titlist.  Alvarez is looking for a rematch with Bivol, but Benavidez does have options including Charlo or Plant 다운로드. Now Benavidez is the “interim WBC” champion while Alvarez is the “WBC” champion so I have no clue who the real champion is, but there is one way to settle this… in the ring.  

Benavidez threw 151 punches in less than three rounds and landed 74 punches for a 49% efficacy rate overall. He landed 40% of his jab and 52% of his power shots.  Lemieux only landed 24% of his punches and most of his big punches were blocked.  Benavidez landed three punches for every one that Lemieux landed. 

Benavidez has the tools to beat Alvarez or Plant and it is time for Benavidez to be granted the opportunity to become the King of the Super Middleweights and, who knows, to move up to the light heavyweight division. 

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  1. I agree that Benavidez has the tools to possibly be THE MAN at SMW. I personally believe in broader use of the scoring system to award 10 8 rounds for dominantly won rounds or 10 9.5 for rounds tightly won. Excellent synopsis of the fight as usual by Tom D.

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