Bivol “Unanimous Decision” Over Ramirez

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Undefeated Dmitry Bivol faced the undefeated Gilberto Ramirez for Bivol’s light heavyweight championship 대통령의 시간 다운로드. Bivol last victory was against Canelo Alvarez and now he was looking for another rematch with Alvarez or maybe go for unification with Artur Beterbiev but first he had to beat Ramirez.   

Bivol began the first two rounds boxing and showing his defensive skills as he peppered his opponent with jabs and shots.  Ramirez tried to us his height to an advantage as he tried to punch over Bivol’s jab but got countered with combos that snap Ramirez head back.   Bivol won the first two rounds 초서체 다운로드.

Ramirez tried to get his jab and in the third round, Bivol did very little, and Ramirez landed enough punches to win the round.   In the fourth Bivol landed combinations while Ramirez was mostly throwing one punch at time.  The score was 39-37 in favor of Bivol after four rounds 다운로드.

Throughout round five and six, showed while Ramirez threw punches, he was unable to penetrate Bivol defenses.   Bivol found a way to shoot his right hand around the Ramirez defenses.  With the fight halfway over, Bivol had a 59-55 lead and his defensive skills through the first half of the fight was decisive 샤샤샤 다운로드.

Bivol open the seventh round with effective jabbing as he pushed Ramirez to the ropes.  Ramirez jab to Bivol’s body, his best punch but he also got nailed by combinations.   Ramirez kept fighting and this round saw him working a 1-2, aiming for the body but Bivol countered his attack.  This was a close round, but I gave it to Bivol.   79-73 in Bivol favor, with four rounds left 세븐 나이츠 핵 다운로드.

Bivol didn’t just box and jab, but he also nailed Ramirez with body shots. In the ninth, Ramirez found himself chasing a ghost.  Bivol punch and then moved out of the way.  Tenth round was Ramirez best as he landed solid left to Bivol body as he landed 9 punches to Bivol 3.  After ten rounds, it was Bivol 98-92. 

Round eleven saw Bivol landed two shots for every one Ramirez landed.  In the final round, the pattern of most of the fight prevailed as he escaped danger as he countered with both power shots and jab.  I had the fight 118-110

Bivol was the more effective fighter and landed the harder punches and landed six jabs per round.  His defensive prowess prevailed as Ramirez only landed 12 percent of his punches.  Bivol only landed 20 percent of his punches, but he landed more punches and the harder punch.   He won the decision 118-110, 117-111, 117-111.

One thought on “Bivol “Unanimous Decision” Over Ramirez

  1. Bivol looks like a more rounded fighter than Beterbiev. I think that he can out box him if they meet.

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