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Book Review:  By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer




Every now and then a boxing book comes along that is just so good. You have to tell the world about it 다운로드. Steve Canton’s book “Tributes, Memories And Observations” is just that book. Steve has been around boxing for decades as a fighter, trainer, cut man, manager, radio host and writer 엑자일 다운로드. He has been around the world and now he has put down in words his many experiences. The things he has seen along the way and the great people he has crossed paths with 컬투 쇼 다시 듣기 다운로드.




This book is a treasure of stories 다운로드. It is not just about the accomplishments of boxers inside the ring. It is also about their exploits outside the ring as well. Personal stories that will capture your heart 햄버거 다운로드. With 370 pages of great reading, Steve added 550 photos. Many of them very rare. I truly enjoyed every moment reading this fine book. For me it is a top shelf keeper for my boxing book collection 다운로드. I highly recommend it to all boxing fans. From the hard core to the casual. It is really just not about boxing. It is about life.

This book is fairly priced at $29.00 김성환 인생. To order this book, please go to Steve Canton’s website

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  1. Looking back on how it was when we/I feel in love with this game… memories are the only thing we have left. Seems like this is one of those publications that will “bathe us in the fountain youth” and re-live those events that are still dear to us.

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