California Boxing Hall of Fame

On June 4, 2007, I received a letter from the California Boxing Hall of Fame, President Don Fraser, that I would be inducted into the hall of fame on September 22 – the class of 2007 다운로드.

I am truly honored, and I consider it very special when you are recognized by your own peers for such an award – my induction.

The list of inductees is very impressive:

Boxer Category includes Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Fernando Vargas, Albert Davila, Art Frias, Jimmy Harryman, Genaro Hernandez, Armando Muniz, and Cali Martinez 견우와 직녀.

Non-Boxer Category includes Richard Schaefer, Don Chargin, Lorraine Chargin, Dr. Michael De Luca, Frank Espinoza, Josie Arrey-Mejia, Carlos Avilas, Hank Nagamine, and Frank Baltazar, Sr 다운로드.

Posthumous Category includes Henry Armstrong, Diego Corrales, Larry Soto, Howie Steindler, and Dynamite Jackson.

CA. Boxing Hall of Fame Flyer
As a young man in my life – I will never forget what the late Boxing Historian Al Nelson told me, which was – learn your trade in boxing well and the gifts will come later.

September 22, 2007, will truly be a gift.

David Martinez / Boxing Historian

2 thoughts on “California Boxing Hall of Fame

  1. hi david,

    i’m louie rios married to ernie’s smith daughter.last i met you was at richie orsua mass at OLS.
    well here’s why i’m e-mailing you,i got some newapaper articles of the old fighters in the 60’s you know when they fought every friday nites.all for free(tv no pay for view),gillette blue blades and pabst blue ribbon.
    well roberta wants me to clean out the garage,it’s not much just old clipping and a few sport magazine photos.
    i did get a shot of JOE LOUIS’S grave at arlington .just took it because it was there while we walked up to JFK’s burial site.
    no big deal,if don’t need them.OK e-mail back if interested,ignore and delete if not.

  2. Thank You, David for the outstanding work that you do. I loved the article on Roberto Duran, it was so nice to meet him last year(2006) at the World Boxing Hall of Fame banquet. I will cherish it for ever. I also want to thank you for helping me with the “Gathering of Angels” 39th year celebration Luncheon on August 12, 2007 and for all the support you have given me. keep up the good work your doing a wonderful job in giving everyone who enjoys and loves boxing. The information about boxing with the articles to read, videos to watch,and the trivia questions all in one package is great. This was one busy year for you and the best part is that you now have your own web-site and you were inducted in the California Boxing Hall of Fame.Congratulations! Thank you for all you do for boxing.

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