Canelo by Knockout over Plant – Unifies WBC/WBA/ IBF/WBO Super Middleweight Titles

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Canelo Alvarez and British Super Middleweight Caleb Plant fought to unify the Super Middleweight titles. Alvarez was the overwhelming favorite, but Plant was a champion in his own right.

Plant began with a jab that missed and as Plant jabbed, Alvarez slipped or blocked most of the punches as he bided his time wow 클래식. Plant landed fifteen punches, mostly jabs and may have taken the first round.

Plant started the second round with a right hand and Alvarez counter with left hook. While this round was hard to score as Plant landed two more punches, but Alvarez landed more power shots, and this would be true most of the fight. Plant landing three times as many jabs but Alvarez landed twice as many power shots 다운로드.

Throughout the third round, Alvarez pressured Plant as both fighters landed significant punches and a round that could go either way, I gave it to Alvarez. Plant lands jabs and a body shot while Alvarez landed body shots, another close round.

Alvarez landed solid shots and shook off a right hand by Plant but biggest exchange in the fifth was Alvarez counter left followed by body shots by the left and right hand 다운로드. Throughout the first five rounds, Plant averaged ten punches landed per round while throwing forty-four punches whereas Alvarez had 9 punches landed per round while throwing 28.  While Plant landed more punches in the first five rounds, he also landed a lower percentage of his punches. Alvarez proved difficult to land solid shots. While Plant landed more punches in four of the first five rounds, you can make an argument of Plant at least winning three of the first five rounds, but Alvarez punches were mostly power shots 다운로드. I had it Alvarez 4 to 1 and over the last six rounds till the end, Alvarez landed more punches in five of the last six rounds.

Starting the sixth round, Alvarez started to take control of the fight as he landed body shot and combination. Plant not firing as many punches as Alvarez is winning the war of attrition. I had it 59-55 but some others had it fifty-seven -57 which was reasonable 다운로드.

Seven round was a close one as Plant lands jabs and landed a vicious right cross while Alvarez landed hooks to the body. Even Plant landed body shots and Alvarez lands two hooks at the end of the round. By this point in the fight, Canelo landed sixty-three power shots to Plants 38. The seventh round was close but gave it to Canelo as did most boxing pundits. I had it 69-64 and Kevin Iole had it 68-65 and others had it 67-65.

In the eighth round, Alvarez continued his assault as he landed body shots but in the ninth round Plant landed a couple of combinations to make the round close and one Plant jab snap Canelo head back, but Alvarez landed two hooks. Plant may have won this round I gave it to him. 78 to 74 going into the tenth.

During the tenth round, Canelo landed jabs and hooks to the body. Plant trade hooks with Alvarez but it is not always a good idea to exchange hooks with hookers as Plant landed two hooks to the body but gets two harder hooks in return.  I could not see Plant winning this bout by decision as he was down 88 to 83 on my card.

Canelo ended the fight in the fight in the eleventh round as he came forward and merely ignored Plant’s jabs. Canelo landed two body shots and forced Plant to the rope before landing a left hook that dropped Plant. Plant gets up but he is wobbly and one more barrage will end it and it does. Alvarez nails Plant with multiple punches and beats him down to the canvas. Canelo Alvarez now has four 168 pounds title; something never been done. The stats show how this fight won. Alvarez won because of accuracy of power punches and overall accuracy.

Alvarez has options including a bout with Beterbiev, who is the undefeated light heavyweight champion with a every victory ending in a knockout. He has already cleaned out the super Middleweight division so maybe his option is light heavyweight, a division in which he defeated Sergey Kovalev for his WBO title with a 11th round TKO two years ago.

Alvarez could be the best pound for pound today and he has captured title from Super Welterweight (154 pounds) to light heavyweight (175 pounds) and he still has much left to accomplished.

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  1. Fair assessment. I consider this to be Canelo’s most impressive win. He does carry his chin and power with him.

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