Charlo by “Decision” over Montiel … Inoue by “Knockout” over Dasmarinas (6-19-21)


By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Jermall Charlo defended his Middleweight title against Juan Montiel in a fight that while Charlo won easily on the judges’ scorecard, it still had its drama.   While the stats would show Charlo throwing nearly double the punches and connecting on nearly double of punches, there were moments that maybe the underdog Montiel could pull something out of the hat with his power. 

Charlo began the fight dominating with his skills as Montiel awkward style which included switching from orthodox to southpaw didn’t really fool Charlo.  As Showtime Al Bernstein noted, Montiel was better in the orthodox and recommended that he shouldn’t switch.  When he stayed Orthodox, he was more effective against Charlo 다운로드.

The first four rounds, Charlo dominated with his skills and Charlo had Montiel in trouble in both the fifth and sixth round.  Charlo right hand stunned Montiel and sent the challenger reeling to the rope but he still survived.  In the sixth round, Montiel started to connect on his own punches and landed several good body shots. 

Montiel toughness saw him through this fight and as the fight progressed, he actually got stronger and in the eleventh round, he hurt Charlo with some vicious body shots and open a cut over Charlo’s eye, the first cut in Charlo career. 

I had the score 119-109, not a hard fight to score but, yet Charlo never seemed to have this fight under control as the eleventh round showed.  Montiel took Charlo best shots and was still standing at the final belt.  Charlo had a tough fight against a heavy-handed opponent and won. 

Charlo is undefeated but still only owns one of the Middleweight belts and he made it clear, he is ready to reunite the belts. 

Naoye Inoue came into his fight with Michael Dasmarinas as the heavy favorite and he did not disappoint.   Dasmarinas began the fight on his bicycle and moved away from Inoue 다운로드. He had no desire to mix it up with Inoue and a liver shot that sent Dasmarinas down in the second round showed that Dasmarinas fear were not mistaken.  Dasmarinas managed to get up from that punch and make it to the third round.  He didn’t make it to the fourth.  Inoue nailed Dasmarinas with vicious body shots and sent Dasmarinas down twice.  After getting nailed with another vicious body shots, the referee stopped the fight as Dasmarinas wasn’t getting up from that last blow 영문 윈도우7 다운로드. Inoue continued on his path as one of the best pound for pound.

In August, Nonito Donaire will fight John Riel Casimero for a WBC / WBO title unification and if he wins that, another title and unification bout will be with WBA / IBF champion Naoya Inoue 다운로드.

Inoue showed in his brief three round why he is one of the most electrifying fighters today as he can stop a fight with just one punch. 

One thought on “Charlo by “Decision” over Montiel … Inoue by “Knockout” over Dasmarinas (6-19-21)

  1. Charlo’s least impressive performance imo. Inoue is my fave guy, but did as expected.

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