Cleveland’s Sanderline Williams



By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer


He lost fifteen of forty professional fights but his record reads like a “Who’s Who” of the middleweight and super middleweight divisions at that time.  Make no mistake about it, Cleveland’s Sanderline Williams was a world class boxer 다운로드.

Williams turned pro in 1982 and won fourteen of his first fifteen fights.  He then suffered consecutive losses to Dwight Walker, Lindell Holmes and Herol Graham 다운로드. Sanderline got back on the winning track with eight straight victories including a big win over dangerous Dwight Davison.


In 1988, he would drop decisions to Iran Barkley and Frank Tate.  Win or lose he was holding his own among fast company 다운로드. He lost a thirteen round split decision ( yes, you read that right ) to Ronnie Essett.  The fight was judged a draw after twelve rounds and they boxed another round to determine a winner. This was for the NABF Super Middleweight title.  The NABF refused to recognize the added round and declared that the title was still vacant.  In his next bout Sanderline met Don Lee for the vacant NABF crown and lost a decision.

Sanderline would fight nine times after the loss to Lee going 1-7-1 but that is a very deceiving statistic.  Those losses were to Merqui Sosa, Nigel Benn and Reggie Johnson.  He then fought a draw with James Toney but followed with losses to Gerald McClellan, Toney in a rematch, Lonnie Beasley and Joe Lipsey.

Williams ended his respectable career with a 24-15-1 record.  He scored fourteen knockouts and he was stopped only once by Lindell Holmes.  He met seven world champions in Holmes, Barkley, Tate, Benn, Johnson, Toney and McClellan.  He also met tough contenders like Graham, Davison, Essett, Sosa, Beasley, Lipsey and Don Lee.

It goes to show that you can not always judge a boxer by his record. Sanderline Williams was a fine fighter.

7 thoughts on “Cleveland’s Sanderline Williams

  1. Thanks for the recognition..It is well appreciate I fought some great fighter and l am still standing…My only regrets l didn’t bring home that bell

  2. You were a hell of a fighter my man.Big shouts from Philly.Thought you beat Benn and Barkley.Herol Graham says you’re physically the strongest fighter he ever fought.Salute OG

  3. Grew up in Cleveland with sandy. He was quiet well mannered! So proud of him for his career! Way to go sandy!

  4. Watched you for many years and you were an incredible boxer. Much respect.

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