Could Jerry Quarry Have Won A Piece Of The Heavyweight Title In This Era ?

Jerry Quarry and David Martinez
By Jim Amato

Tough 1960’s and 70’s heavyweight Jerry Quarry has been almost immortalized these days. He was the heavyweight who came along at the wrong time. The Ali – Frazier era. Joe and Ali each beat Jerry twice, but Jerry had his share of big wins over top contenders. Floyd Patterson, Thad Spencer, Buster Mathis Sr., Mac Foster, Ron Lyle and Earnie Shavers all suffered defeat at the hands of Jerry. You could argue strongly that Quarry was among the four best heavyweights of his day. If four titles were available back then one may safely assume Jerry would have at least won a piece of one of them.

Let’s take a prime Jerry Quarry and move him into this time period 다운로드. Although by today’s standards Quarry is really only a cruiserweight, Jerry would have probably opted to fight as a heavyweight because he liked the money and the limelight. For the sake of argument let’s go back about a year. Sultan Ibragimov is holding the WBO version of the heavyweight title and he is going to defend it against Jerry. How would this have played out ? Ibragimov is not as big as some of today’s giants but he will still be physically bigger then Jerry. He is also a southpaw with pretty quick hands and decent pop in his punches. The astute Gil Clancy once said Jerry was the hardest puncher he ever worked with. That in itself says a lot. Now to the fight…

ROUND 1 – Ibragimov comes out quickly, intent on imposing his will 신이라 불리운 사나이 다운로드. He gets Jerry’s attention with a quick left hook. Sultan is throwing rapid combos and he is landing with some success. He’s rocked Quarry’s head back a few times. At the bell Jerry seems a bit surprised by Ibragimov’s hand speed. ROUND TO IBRAGIMOV.

ROUND 2 – The pace and pattern of the fight remains the same. Ibragimov is jumping in and out, landing with several jolting punches. Quarry is trying to keep Sultan at bay with his jab but he is missing more then he is landing. Jerry does counter Ibragimov’s left with some thudding shots to the body. ROUND TO IBRAGIMOV.

ROUND 3 – Sultan is full tilt now and it seems that he is just going to overwhelm Quarry 다운로드. He gets Jerry against the ropes and there are some lively exchanges. Quarry is letting his hands go now and he’s landed some effective counter punches off the ropes. Sultan is still landing well too especially with his left. Close round. ROUND TO IBRAGIMOV

ROUND 4 – The corner of Ibragimov have told him to keep the fight in the middle of the ring for now. This suits Jerry fine as he is becoming more accurate with a short, shotgun jab. Ibragimov ignores the advice of his corner and again begins to bull Quarry into the ropes. There is a clash of heads and referee Steve Smoger stops the action as Jerry has a slight cut next to his right eye. It is not serious though and Smoger rules it an accidental head butt He then waves in the fighters to resume the action 다운로드. Quarry seems angry and the two go at it on the ropes. Sultan lands a good left that opens the cut a little wider but at the bell Quarry lands a short left hook that stopped Ibragimov in his tracks. ROUND TO QUARRY.

ROUND 5 – The two fighters are un-tracked now and the punches are flowing. The action is fast and steady and the fans seem to be enjoying the show. Jerry seems to be getting his rhythm and he is landing quick one – twos at long range. Ibragimov seems to have slowed down a tad bit but he can still whack with that left of his. There is no serious damage done in this round but there seems to be a subtle change in the momentum. ROUND TO QUARRY.

ROUND 6 – Quarry seems relaxed and more confident. Ibragimov is still the aggressor but he is walking into some good counter shots. Quarry’s timing is coming together. Sultan is still landing some solid lefts to the head and Jerry’s cut is getting worse.Quarry’s corner seems concerned but Jerry doesn’t. He is just concentrating on looking for openings against Ibragimov. ROUDUD TO QUARRY.

ROUND 7 – It’s all even after six and Ibragimov’s corner have told Sultan to go after Quarry. Again there are some brutal exchanges and a lot of give and take action. Ibragimov is landing more punches but Jerry’s are more accurate and effective. Whenever Ibragimov misses with his left, Jerry is countering with ripping rights to the body or under Sultan’s heart. Very, very close round. ROUND IS JUDGED EVEN.

ROUND 8 – Some of the steam seems to be coming out of Sultan but he is still a very dangerous adversary. Quarry is boxing smart. He is giving Ibragimov some side to side movement and he is mixing up his punches well. Another Ibragimov left splits Jerry’s eye a little more. There is blood streaming down the side of Quarry’s face and it appears that the cut may become a factor after all. Quarry remains focused though and for the first time in the fight he seems to have the edge, ROUND TO QUARRY.

ROUND 9 – Although the fight is razor close Ibragmov is fighting like a desperate man. He may feel as though his title is slipping away from him. Sultan looks to be a bit winded while Jerry acts cool as a cucumber. Quarry is now picking his spots with uncanny accuracy but every now and then Sultan lands a big left hook to keep Jerry honest. This has been the slowest round of the fight. ROUND FOR QUARRY.

ROUND 10 – It’s the same pace as round nine and Ibragimov is losing ground. He is game and he has not stopped trying but Sultan is just a step behind Jerry at this point of the fight. Quarry is fighting as if he is in a zone and he is dictating the action. Jerry’s jab has caused swelling under both of Sultan’s eyes but no cuts. ROUND TO QUARRY.

ROUND 11 – The sense of urgency in Ibragimov’s corner is intense. They tell Sultan he must win the last two rounds or better yet, score a knockout. Ibragimov heeds their commands and he comes out smokin’. Quarry has never been one to back down from a fight so the fireworks begin. Quarry is rocked by a wide left hook and Sultan looks encouraged. He catches Jerry with another left but Quarry answers with a sharp, short right that snaps Sultan’s head to the side. This is now a slufgest and the crowd is on their feet. Ibragimov lands another left and follows with a looping right. Quarry lands with a short left hook followed by a paralyzing right to the ribs. Jerry then lands another left hook to the jaw and Ibragimov is DOWN ! The fans are going crazy as Sultan musters the courage to get to his feet. Smoger is ready to let Ibragimov return to battle as the bell sounds. TWO POINT ROUND FOR QUARRY.

ROUND 12 – The crowd is on their feet as Smoger has the two warriors touch gloves for the final round. Quarry tries to land a quick one – two wanting to see if Sultan has recovered from the knockdown late in round eleven. Ibragimov has his legs underneath him and he’s marching forward on a mission to save his title. Quarry is again moving and picking his spots. Ibragimov is finally able to maneuver Jerry to the ropes and the leather starts to fly. Sultan is landing some heavy shots and then Quarry comes off the ropes with a short left to the jaw and Sultan sags to his hands and knees. He is shaking his heads as blood is dripping from his nose on to the canvas. Again he slowly but gamely gets to his feet. Smoger looks concerned but Ibragimov assures him that he is alright. Quarry comes in looking to finish Sultan but he is met by a pretty stiff left that backs him off. The final seconds are ticking away as Quarry seems content with just jabbing and moving. The bell… TWO POINT ROUND FOR QUARRY.

The decision is unanimous. Jerry Quarry has won the WBO heavyweight title. He was able to withstand Ibragimov’s early onslaught. When Sultan slowed down Jerry just relied on his boxing and counterpunching skills to pile up points.