David Martinez Health Update

By Bob Quackenbush / dmboxing.com

Greetings to all friends of dmboxing.com. For those of you who did not know, dmboxing founder and producer David Martinez is at home recuperating from quadruple coronary bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack a few weeks ago nwc 무료. The surgery went very well, and David is following rehabilitation instructions with the help of his wife Cely who happens to be a registered nurse in a post-surgical ward 다운로드. He is in good hands with Cely and with the Lord, of course, and he appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

While David is on the mend, there will be fewer articles posted on dmboxing.com 다운로드. Not to worry. As he regains strength, postings will begin again; but for now, it is time to rest and heal.

Thanks again for your concern, and for your support of dmboxing.com 안드로이드 해킹 어플 다운로드.

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