David Martinez Welcomes You!

Welcome to your newest boxing website – David Martinez Boxing.com … I am absolutely delighted to be able to provide you with boxing stories, photos, updates, events, interviews, personal opinions, videos, questions & anwsers, ratings of past & current fighters, and plus I will take you into my own world of experiences & memories that I have seen & lived in these past 47 years of my involvement in boxing cinema 4d 다운로드!

Here’s my “capsule” bio:

Boxing Historian, writer: Santa Barbara News Press, World Boxing Hall of Fame Newsletter, Boxing Globe, Ring Sports magazine, Golden State Boxers Assc Newsletter

Boxing Analyst: KIST Radio 1340AM, KDB 1490AM, KTYD 99.9FM, KEYT 1250AM, KVEN 1450AM, ESPN Radio, KCOX TV, KEYT TV / ABC, London England Radio, Los Angeles media TV news reports, Pinnacle Sports Radio, Time Warner Cable TV,

Former member of USA Amateur Boxing, Inc / judge & referee 1988-94

Volunteer work to various boxing shows: La Casa De La Raza, Primo Boxing, Los Angeles Diamond Belt, the “inaugural” UCSB boxing fight night, Bell Gardens Youth Boxing, Simi Valley Kids Boxing, Ventura Amateur Boxing, P.A.L 다운로드. Santa Barbara Boxing Club

2003 World Boxing Hall of Fame recipient of Everett L. Sanders Lifetime Achievement Award,

World Boxing Council Hall Of Fame: Historical Supervisor; contact to answer worldwide Web site questions for World Boxing Hall of Fame

Served as Boxing Historian & member of Board of Directors for World Boxing Hall of Fame 1997 to 2007 다운로드. Voting ballot member to all fighters being inducted into hall of fame.

Served as Vice President of Golden State Boxers Association 2005/2006, current member of Golden State Boxers Association, and co-event coordinator for “Gathering of Angels” boxing event on August 12, 2007 다운로드. Inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame on September 22, 2007.

Personal Quote: “Boxing is my blood life – line”

Favorite Fighter Past: Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Best Fighter All Time: Sugar Ray Robinson

Most Underrated Fighters Past: Carlos Monzon – Vicente Saldivar – Harry Greb

Best Boxing Movies: Raging Bull (1980), The Set-Up (1949)

Favorite Boxing Fighter Friend: Ernie Terrell / WBA Heavyweight Champion (1965-1967)

5 thoughts on “David Martinez Welcomes You!

  1. I’m a friend of Johnny Ortiz……..some how I got your website on email and I really enjoy it!!! You know your stuff………Rick

  2. Congrats on your selection to the Hall of Fame!!!!!! I finally visited your website and it is outstanding. I have been in amateur boxing for over 30 years in Southern California. I look forward to meeting you someday. In Lompoc, over 20 years ago, I started an amateur boxing program which is still around today. Perhaps the highlight of my amateur boxing experience was with the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles working with the best team ever. You may remember Hoover Street Gym when Ken Norton, Scrap Iron Johnson, Eddie “Bossman” Johnson, Hedgemon Lewis and the light heavy weight contender who became a referee in Las Vegas; they were all regulars at that gym. I thought of a professional career but determined that professional boxing was not for me. I still love boxing, mainly the amateurs. It is a good sport. Take care and keep up the good work.

  3. Do you endorse boxingcollection.com for downloading old fights? I assume that it is “legit” because it is on your website. I will give it a try only because you are “local” and so am I. I will let you know if I have any problems with this site. On another topic, The Lompoc Police Activities League (PAL)Boxing Program (Coach Baca, cell #588-2901) wants to auction off a pair of Rocky Marciano gloves after he sets up his own website. Do you have any suggestions for how the coach might setup his website? We are not very computer savy and could use any advice you may provide. Please contact Coach Baca or this Coach @291-3279 if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

  4. The ideal fighters of this period(1990-Existing) are Floyd and Ricardo ‘Finito’ Lopez. If someone selected Lopez over Floyd, I could realize, but stating Manny has accomplished a lot more than Floyd is bordering on LUNACY. Manny fights shot fighters like Morales and Barrera, and RECYCLED High Rank fighters like Clottey, Cotto and PLASTER Fingers. Deal with it.

  5. Dave, would you have any info on a amateur lightweight boxer mike roose (pride of the valley ) in the 1950’s thank you

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