dmboxing 2023 Calendar

Every year during the holiday season, I am delighted to give gifts to my friends and loved ones, including those who support my website 프레지 한글 다운로드.

As the years have gone by the list has grown substantially. This year, due to the increase cost of production and postage, I am asking anyone who would like a FREE, custom designed, 2023 dmboxing calendar, to please send me your address and include $5.00 to cover postage 바탕화면 메모장. Make checks payable to: David Martinez.

In addition to the dmboxing calendar, you will also receive my newest luxury ink pen, in appreciation for your support 얼마에요 pro 다운로드. I realize these are tough times for all of us, so for those who cannot afford the $5.00, send me your address anyway and I will be happy to honor your request, at no cost 다운로드. NOTE: for those that live locally in my proximity – I will kindly hand delivery to you.

I know you have many choices in boxing, and I sincerely thank you for making one of those choices 다운로드.

David Martinez / Boxing Historian

810 Coronel Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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