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By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

There are so many people that I would like to thank whose continuing support has helped to make my Web site rise to the level that it is in the ten months of it’s existence 다운로드.

Some names that come to mind that are so wonderful in what they do are: John Boitnott (producer); Bob Quackenbush (proof reader); George Garcia (photographer); Ray Luna (reporter info); Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner); John Brister (WBC Ratings); Jim Amato (submitted boxing articles); my two beautiful t-shirt models Suzie and Jania; and with my third model, Maryuri, to be added next week 다운로드.

My fan base has been great. I have gotten many calls, letters, and input from everyone in a most positive manner – thank you!

In the coming months, I will look forward to serving you with a unique look in boxing, as only I can bring it to you 다운로드. In the works is a photo slide show from my personal collection on Muhammad Ali.

Just a reminder that next month, on June 21, is the California Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony 다운로드. As a past inductee, this year I will be there as a presenter for the legendary trainer Eddie Futch (I am so honored). I will provide complete coverage of this event, including photos by George Garcia windows 10 1607 iso.

This ceremony will feature a number of top names from the world of boxing (many of whom are personal friends of mine) such as Johnny Ortiz, Mando Ramos, Joe Valverde, Jack Mosley, Allen Syers, Steve Harpst, Michele Chong, Steve Beljan, and Eva Futch 다운로드.

For ticket information, please contact Don Fraser directly at (818) 761-4887, and I will see you on Saturday, June 21.

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