DREAM FIGHT: Carlos Monzon vs. Gene Fullmer

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By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Two of the strongest middleweights to ever lace up the gloves square off for a battle of the ages 다운로드. Carlos Monzon of Argentina. Tall, lean but deceptively strong with a thudding left jab and a thumping right cross.

Gene Fullmer of Utah. Barrel chested and bull strong. Awkwardly aggressive but effective, especially on the inside. This should be a real crowd pleasing affair.

ROUND 1 – Monzon meets the onrushing Fullmer quickly with a stiff left jab . Gene partially blocks Monzon’s right hand and bulldozes Carlos to the ropes landing a few body shots. The referee breaks the fighters. Back at mid ring Carlos lands two left jabs and then a straight right 다운로드. Fullmer again moves Monzon to the ropes and Carlos appears to be surprised by Fullmer’s strength. Carlos leans back on the ropes to avoid any head shots but exposes his body. An inviting target for Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 2 – Monzon is hitting Gene with some ramrod jabs but Fullmer keeps coming. The referee warns Fullmer for a low blow . A lot of clinching and mauling but the Monzon jab is beginning to redden the face of Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon 이마트 모바일 다운로드.

ROUND 3 – Carlos opens the round with a hard overhand right but Fullmer does not even wince. Monzon continues to be effective with the jab. When Gene does get inside, Monzon ties him up. Carlos is dictating the pace of the fight. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 4 – Fullmer’s manager Marv Jensen tells Gene to ” pick up the pace “. Fullmer does just that as he is forcing Carlos into some dangerous exchanges . Fullmer punches from odd angles and he connects with a couple of nice, clubbing rights that get Monzon’s attention 다운로드. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 5 – Gene continues to force the action as Carlos attempts to establish his jab once again. Fullmer now sports a small nick under his right eye. Gene is pounding the body whenever possible. Still it looks like Monzon has regained the upper hand. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 6 – Monzon seems to be firing punches more fluidly and is putting together some nice combinations. Although Gene’s cut has not worsened, his right eye is beginning to swell . Fullmer hammers a right to the body and a sharp left hook to the head. Fullmer reaches with another right to the body but Carlos countered with a beautiful counter left to the jaw that sends Fullmer reeling to the ropes 첨밀밀 영화 다운로드. Monzon tries to follow up but Fullmer covers well and even landed a nice, short left hook that gets Monzon’s attention. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 7 – Marv Jensen has told Gene to get lower. He has been standing to erect and is giving Carlos a better target to hit. Gene follows instructions and begins slipping under the Monzon jab and working on the inside . Gene is staying close to Carlos, nullifying the Monzon jab. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 8 – Fullmer is now fighting full speed ahead and the momentum is making a subtle change. Monzon lands a crackling right that opens a small cut over Gene’s left eye. Nevertheless Fullmer continues to march in banging to the body of Monzon. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 9 – The Monzon corner is imploring him to use his uppercut and catch Gene coming in. Carlos lands a few uppercuts at long range. Finally Gene uncorked a beauty of a left hook to the jaw of Monzon and Carlos felt that one. Monzon is beginning to use the jab well again as he thwarts Fullmer’s rushing tactics. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 10 – Monzon opens fast and surprises Gene with a nice flurry. Monzon’s jab is really taking its toll on Fullmer’s face. Along with the eye cuts Gene has a trickle of blood coming from his nostrils and there is blood inside of his mouth. Ever the warrior Gene keeps trudging in, making Monzon work every second of the round. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 11 – Gene feels the fight is slipping away from him so he is really taking the tempo up a notch. Gene swatted Monzon with a couple of rights to the side of his head and Monzon is now clinching on occasion trying to stall the Fullmer express. Gene got the better of most of the exchanges and is clearly back in the hunt. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 12 – Fullmer continues to muscle Monzon to the ropes and is landing heavy handed punches. Carlos nails Fullmer with a beautiful uppercut and Gene’s knee buckled for a moment. Carlos thinks that Gene may be hurt and he follows up with a savage barrage. The fans are going wild as Monzon flails away. Gene covers well but was ineffective in mounting any offense in this session. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 13 – There is a look of desperation in Fullmer’s eyes as he answers the bell. It looks like Gene will probably have to score a knock out to win it and he is going for it. Monzon seems a bit weary but he is still firing that jab of his. Fullmer is just wading in with both hands moving like pistons. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 14 – Bloodied but unbowed Fullmer continues his quest for a knockout. There are some fierce exchanges but Gene is getting the better of it. Monzon is clinching and mauling at every opportunity, trying to shave seconds off the clock. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 15 – Both men look near exhaustion but they continue to work. Gene is head hunting now, looking for that elusive knockout. Suddenly Monzon lets loose of a vicious right cross that spins Gene half way around. This time Gene is hurt ! Monzon lands a jolting left – right combo that does Gene little good. Monzon is trying his best to put over the finisher but the seconds run out. The fight is over. ROUND – Monzon.

The winner by unanimous decision…Carlos Monzon!

Monzon’s height, reach and better overall skills enabled him to win the fight but the hard nosed fighting spirit of Fullmer made the fight appear closer then the score cards indicated and gave the fans their moneys worth.

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