Henry Calles
By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I have been around many boxing gyms in my forty nine years of involvement in boxing and I would like to elaborate on one the finest rcs. It is Duke’s Boxing & Fitness gym, located in the small college community of Isla Vista, adjacent to the University of California Santa Barbara campus 123d design 맥 다운로드.

The gym is owned and run by Henry Calles, who organizes workouts and activities for the students. As someone who loves boxing, my involvement with the gym is to offer my time and advice three times a week 다운로드. It is a joy to see the kids improve in their skills and gain confidence in their boxing abilities. Henry, a former successful amateur boxer himself, teaches all his students the highest degree of boxing and fitness with a sincere interest and safety in the sport.

Although Henry is about half my age, I feel like I have known him always because of my earlier days working at youth boxing gyms. I had the pleasure of working with his two uncles George and Mino Calderon, who were themselves both amateur boxers in the early eighties. Henry, as their nephew, certainly possesses the pure boxing pedigree of his uncles. He boxes beautifully like George with quickness and a superior jab. He also has the strength and power of Mino. As I go to the gym and I watch him teach his students, I can actually see both George and Mino blended into Henry’s boxing skills. It is a true gift of inheritance, one which Henry has worked many years to master.

If I had to single out the three most positive things that I see at the gym, they are: 1) Henry’s patience and expertise with the kids, 2) all the kids are all willing to work hard with the open acceptance of taking any advise from Henry, 3) the bonding of all the kids that come to the gym. It feels like one big happy family with such a positive environment. Additionally, Henry often has BBQ gatherings for his students. This is another way he seeks to bring his students closer together. At a recent outing, where they were also celebrating a birthday, Henry did something that I have never seen. He hung a piñata and had one of his students (Marisa) blindfolded. She was asked not to hit it with a stick but with rather with boxing gloves – how clever was that!

As a friend and boxing associate, I truly respect Henry Calles in what he offers both male and female participates at his gym. If anyone in the greater Santa Barbara, California area is interested in supporting Henry or has any questions about Duke’s Boxing and Fitness, you can call (805) 252-5766.

The following pictures are courtesy of James Colon, who took these May 15, 2009 on photo day at Dukes Boxing Gym, 6565 Trigo Road #C, Isla Vista, CA 93117