Enrique Bolanos ~ R.I.P.

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

On June 4, 2012, at the age of 87, Enrique Bolanos, top contender, passed away Nanumgothic download. I never saw him fight, but had the pleasure to meet him and his lovely wife Ruby at various boxing venues. According to people I know that saw him fight, he was a magnificent boxer that packed southland arenas and stadiums in the Los Angeles area like no other in the golden era of boxing (the 40’s and 50’s) 다운로드. He engaged in over 100 bouts, winning 79, and fought all the best boxers of his time. Some of the top fighters he fought were Manuel Ortiz, Chalky Wright, Ike Williams, Jackie Wilson, Joey Barnum, John Thomas, Art Aragon, Maxie Docusen, Jimmy Carter, and Paddy DeMarco 다운로드. My good friend Johnny Ortiz, radio host and California Boxing Hall of Fame 2008 inductee, first met Bolanos at the original Main Street Gym when he (Johnny) was just nine years old.  Ortiz was visiting that venue with his older brother Phil who also trained there.  Johnny said: “Enrique Bolanos was far and away the most popular fighter Los Angeles ever knew. No one has ever come close, Oscar De La Hoya included. I may have been young, but I remember it all like it was yesterday. He had a ‘look’ like no other; you would have had to see it to know what I mean. It was a ‘look’ his fans saw and loved. There will never be another like him.” Johnny went on to say that Bolanos “had the greatest footwork I have ever seen or will ever see, he and Sugar Ray Robinson.  Both were my boyhood idols in boxing.” It’s been almost a month since the passing of Enrique Bolanos. Please join me in prayer for his family and many friends.  May his soul rest in peace in heaven with the Lord!

4 thoughts on “Enrique Bolanos ~ R.I.P.

  1. Mr. Maritinez.

    I appreciate your kind comments about my uncle. I too grew up having my uncle as my idol and fortunate to have him as my uncle. I live in San Antonio Texas and when I would visit him in LA, he would take me out for breakfest and lunch. I was surprised that he was well known and popular (80s). Everywhere he took me, people would recognize him and call out him name or called “Campion”. He would always wave back and say hello to them as well.

    It is nice to see that he is still remembered. Again, thanks for your article.

    Robert Enrique Bolanos

  2. you are so correct … although I never saw him in person fight because I was simply too young … I hear nothing but GREAT stuff about him in the ring from many that did & lived thaty era in boxing … I have met him & know his wife Ruby & may God bless his soul in heaven forever!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Enrique Bolanos & working with him when he worked at the downtown appliance store Central Electric in the early 70’s. He was the most respectable person & genuinely nice guy. By this time he had disabilities stemming from a car accident he was involved in years earlier but he would horse around with me & try to teach me how to Box. I remember he would sometimes use (1) hand to Box with me & it was scary because he was so fast. My memories of Enrique were great & I know he’s in Heaven now protecting everyone with his awesome pugilistic hands…. R.I.P. my friend & thank you for allowing me to know you…..

    Former Co-Worker & Fan,
    Dave Navarro…..

  4. As I grew up as a young boxer in the gymI would listen to the elder trainer’s and many times the name Bolanios would come up and especially his left hook ,well I kid you not it so inspired me to be a fighter with a left hook as good as Enrique’s even though I never witnessed him in a actual boxing match I would just dream on to be like him . Well my record is not near his however I did have a pretty good left hook .

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