Fight Re-Cap!

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Photos – George Garcia

This past Saturday night at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, and for the millions watching on HBO/PPV, we were treated to a terrific fight between the two best welterweights in boxing today – Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito 자바 xlsx 다운로드.

As I saw the fight – I actually had the fight even on my scorecard, 5 rounds each, before the dramatic knockout came at the 2 minute, 5 second mark of the eleventh round 다운로드.

Here’s my round by round capsule look:

Round One – Cotto was the more accurate and with excellent counter punching, sticks with left jab and moves effectively … Cotto wins round

Round Two – Margarito is most effective with a pressuring attack and walks Cotto down with Cotto developing a nose bleed … Margarito wins round

Round Three – Cotto lands harder punches & escapes the more aggressive Margarito, who is warned by referee for low blows … Cotto wins round

Round Four – Styles are most evident now with Margarito relentless in his attack and Cotto landing the better punches and avoids the onslaught attack … Cotto wins round

Round Five – A carbon copy of round three, but Margarito comes on strong at the end of the round with convincing clean body punching … Cotto still does enough to eek out the round with overall boxing skills … Cotto wins round

Round Six – Sharper punches from Cotto still score well, but Margarito continues to press forward webxvid codec. The fight now starts to shift direction in favor of Margarito as he gets stronger … Margarito wins round

Round Seven – Big round for Margarito – his style really starts to take a toll on Cotto as he holds on in the final minute … Margarito wins round

Round Eight – Margarito takes Cotto’s best shots and keeps coming, lands some very effective body shots … Margarito wins round

Round Nine – Cotto again is effective with the better and sharper punches, but Margarito keeps the attack and pressure up – this was the hardest round of the fight to score … Cotto wins round

Round Ten – Cotto wins first part of the round, but Margarito staggers Cotto and closes out the round in convincing fashion … Margarito wins round

Round Eleven – It’s will vs 다운로드. skill now and Margarito finally chops and wears down Cotto to drop him once, then twice before Cotto’s corner, with 55 seconds left in the round does the right thing and throws in the towel as they acknowledge that their fighter is a beaten man

This fight lived up to every expectation of the pre-hype Mexico vs 무료 dvd 플레이어 다운로드. Puerto Rico rivalry, with every round action packed and exciting and in case you missed it – HBO will show the replay in its entirety on Saturday night ( August 2 ) prior to the Zab Judah vs 다운로드. Joshua Clottey fight.

After what I witnessed on Saturday night, if I were Oscar De La Hoya and thinking of one more farewell fight before my retirement and if Floyd Mayweather is considering coming out of retirement – this is one guy that I might not want to fight … Antonio Margarito, WBA Welterweight Champion 다운로드!