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(Summer 2016 Edition)

As summer is now here, it is also a special time in my life because another “Happy Birthday” is here for me on June 25th 다운로드.

My deep interest in boxing began back in 1961 and has been an integral part of my life since then. And the best thing about it is that I have met so many wonderful people 다운로드.

I am truly delighted to bring my website to you with many categories for your viewing pleasure. And there are some people who kindly contribute to the success of this website, and to whom I would like to say thank you with the highest respect, as I treasure their involvement 다운로드.

They are: John Boitnott (Web Master), Bob Quackenbush (Photo Editing and Proof Reader), Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader), Tom Donelson (Author, Member Boxing Writers Association), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), Harold Lederman (HBO World Championship Boxing / Hey Harold!), Steve Corbo (Advisor and Guest Post), Adam Pollock (Book Reviews), and in memory of a man and a friend that we all miss, the former editor of Ring Sports Magazine – and in 2007,  my first contributor to this website – Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner) R.I.P 다운로드.

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I also want to thank all those who have written me with their opinions and comments; please know that your input is always respected.

I have many who ask me an assortment of different questions regarding my opinion. I am not always correct in some views, but I certainly try to provide my wealth of expertise in boxing with the sole intent of being honest and credible with my answers.

I have had several write me to ask what are the greatest fights I have seen. That is really a two part answer because I have never seen Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, or Sugar Ray Robinson fight their epic fights, only on film. But, I have seen some great fights in my era. Not in any particular order, the 15 greatest super fights that come to my mind first that I have seen in the past half century are: Hagler vs. Hearns (1985), Castillo vs. Corrales (2005), Pryor vs. Arguello (1982), Ward vs. Gatti (2002), Duran vs. Leonard (1980), Norton vs. Holmes (1978), Leonard vs. Hearns (1981), Frazier vs. Ali (1971), Foreman vs. Lyle ( 1976), Bobby Chacon vs. Rafael Limon (1982), Bobby Chacon vs. Cornelius Boza-Edwards (1983), Matthew Saad Muhammad vs. Yaqui Lopez (1980), Michael Carbajal vs. Humberto Gonzalez (1993), Danny Lopez vs. Mike Ayala (1979), Ali vs. Frazier (1975).

On a closing note, I would like to bring to your attention another boxing website that I fully support, which is and my friend Edgar Gonzalez, who certainly does a wonderful job of producing. Please visit his site.

Here’s a look at my top dozen “pound for pound” boxers as of June 24, 2016:

1)  Roman Gonzalez (45-0 / 38 by KO)

2)  Gennaday Golovkin (35-0 / 32 by KO)

3)  Sergey Kovalev (29-0-1 / 26 by KO)

4)  Andre Ward (29-0 / 15 by KO)

5)  Guillermo Rigondeaux (16-0 / 10 by KO)

6)  Terrence Crawford (28-0 / 20 by KO)

7)  Canelo Alvarez (47-1-1 / 33 by KO)

8)  Vasyl Lomachenko (6-1 / 4 by KO)

9)  Leo Santa Cruz (32-0-1 / 18 by KO)

10) Shinsuke Yamanaka (25-0-2 / 17 by KO)

11) Juan Francisco Estrada (33-2 / 24 by KO)

12) Danny Garcia (32-0 / 18 by KO)

Honorable Mention: Naoya Inoue (10-0 / 8 by KO), Erislandy Lara (23-2-2 / 13 by KO), Kell Brook (36-0 / 25 by KO).


I know you have many boxing websites to choose from – thank you for making one of them!

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