FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Fall 2018 Edition)

It’s Fall and here’s wishing everybody well as we come into a new season, and thank you for making my website one of your choices in boxing.  It has been my pleasure since the start of this website in July 2017 to share information with you from my almost 60 years of wealth in boxing 다운로드.

I want to say thank you to those that have purchased my products, and also to you who have recently have sent in for my newest long sleeve blue t-shirt.  To see all of the products that are available, go to the Categories section on this website and click onto Products jqgrid excel.

I get lots of fan mail and I am delighted with your input and opinions, which I respect to the fullest, as you have respected my opinions 다운로드.

The small elite group of people that help make this website the success it has been over the last eleven years are: Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reading / Photo Editing); Tom Donelson (Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America); Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer / Boxing Historian); Harold Lederman (Hey Harold / HBO World Championship Boxing); Steve Corbo (Proof Reader / Boxing Writer); Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader); and in Memory of Rusty Rubin (R.I.P.) who was the first contributor to this website – In Rusty’s Corner and Glove2Glove) – may his soul continue to rest in heaven with the Lord.

I would like to remind you that with Christmas just around the corner, the best gift ever with which you can treat yourself and boxing friends is the newest publication from my friend Gene Aguilera.  It’s his second outstanding book release called “Latino Boxing In Southern California”.  You can purchase it for $22.99 (plus shipping and handling) by directly contacting Gene at (323) 697-7197 or  

I have been asked repeatedly to give my official ranking of the Greatest Mexican-Born Boxers of All Time.  I rank these outstanding fighters at the height, peak, prime, pinnacle of their careers, and not based on who fought whom or who beat whom.  I truly respect everyone’s opinions and know that this is my opinion without any intent to try to convert anybody.  Here are my top (12) dozen:

1)   Julio Cesar Chavez

2)   Ruben Olivares

3)   Carlos Zarate

4)   Vicente Saldivar

5)   Salvador Sanchez

6)   Ricardo Lopez

7)   Miguel Canto

8)   Marco Antonio Barrera

9)   Erick Morales

10)  Rafael Herrera

11)  Juan Manuel Marquez

12)  Baby Arizmendi

I would like to say that I am extremely happy with the many groups and organizations that I advertise with; one in particular is my church – Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church.  I have been a parishioner there since receiving baptism shortly after my birth.  I just renewed my website ad subscription which will appear in their weekly bulletin for another year 2018-2019.

In closing,  thanks everyone for making a part of your boxing selection, and please know that I consider it a tremendous honor and opportunity to serve you – in what defines me – boxing.  A special thank you to website t-shirt model, Chenee.

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