FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Spring Edition 2021)

I would like to first and foremost offer my sincerest condolences to the family of a true friend, boxing historian and avid sports collector – Jim Amato – who passed away in Ashland, Ohio on February 22, 2021, at the age of 66 인스톨팩토리 다운로드.

I have met many boxing people and fighters in my over sixty years in boxing and Jim was as wonderful a human being as I have had the pleasure of knowing 다운로드.  

He came on board with in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing 다운로드. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord.

I am grateful and certainly blessed with a special cast of people that have contributed to the success of through the years, and their input is priceless 새찬송가 무료 다운로드. This group to be acknowledged is: Bob Quackenbush (Lead Assistant / Proof Reader), Tom Donelson (Author / Member Boxing Writers Association of America), Steve Corbo (Proof Reader / Boxing Writer), and Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader) 다운로드.

Along with Jim Amato, there are two others who are no longer with us (R.I.P.) who added so much of their expertise and input to my website. They are Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner / Glove2Glove) and Harold Lederman (Hey Harold! / HBO World Championship Boxing). These gentlemen were special friends whom I will never forget.

In this quarterly edition, I want to thank Anna for displaying my official website hat. It is blue in color and embroidered with logo on the front, and address on the back, with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit all sizes. To purchase this attractive product, send $17.95 by check or money order (NO cash please) to: David Martinez Boxing, 810 Coronel Street, Santa Barbara, California 93109. The price includes FREE shipping to any of the USA mailing zones. Also included with each order will be an official website ink pen – just my way of saying thank you for making one of your choices in boxing.

I appreciate all comments that come to me through this website or by email. I certainly respect all boxing related opinions, as I hope others would respect my opinions. The three questions that I receive the most actually have easy answers: who is the greatest boxer “pound for pound” of all time (Sugar Ray Robinson); who would win in a Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson 15 round heavyweight championship fight (Ali); and who would win in a Carlos Monzon vs. Marvin Hagler 15 round middleweight championship fight (Monzon). My first intent has always been to be honest with everyone, and laugh if you want, but I use the old “mirror-mirror on the wall” trick (i.e.) who’s the fairest of them all, to keep myself honest, and over the years it works just wonders. There is NO trick in being honest with myself.

A common question that has come around more often than once or twice is “who are the greatest southpaw boxers?”

Alphabetically, here is my personal list of the top 25 southpaws, with the elite dozen (12) highlighted in bold ink; they are: Lou Brouillard, Ivan Calderon, Joe Calzaghe, Hector Camacho, George Chaney, Young Corbett III, Hiroyuki Ebihara, Flash Elorde, Tyrone Everett, Tiger Flowers, Khaosai Galaxy, Yoko Gushiken, Marvin Hagler, Duilio Loi, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Sergio Martinez, Freddie Miller, Michael Nunn, Manny Pacquiao, Jose Luis Ramirez, Vicente Saldivar, Lew Tendler, Pernell Whitaker, Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, and Winky Wright.

In closing, I want to alert everyone that, as last years National Boxing Hall of Fame event was canceled, the new date will be Sunday, October 3, 2021 at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello, California – mark your calendar.

Many thanks to all that have kindly supported through the years that I have honorably served you – it is much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

  1. RIP to a classy gentleman in Jim Amato, who was a true boxing historian as well. Also, an outstanding list of ATG southpaws.

  2. Dave: Give due consideration to southpaws Wesley “KO” Ketchell and Fred Lenhart.

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