FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

(Winter 2012 Edition)

Merry Christmas everybody 김영철의 동네한바퀴!

I know you have many choices in boxing and I would like to say thank you for making this website one of them.

I am happy with the great response to my newest product online, the coffee mugs, and I am extending the introductory sale price of just $7.00 for another two weeks until January 10, 2013 다운로드.

At that time the mugs will be priced at $9.50, so act now to receive a 25 percent discount and free shipping d3 차트 다운로드.  To order, send a check or money order (NO cash) to: David Martinez Boxing, Post Office Box 41536, Santa Barbara, California 93140

I want to thank those that make this website what it is. Without my team it would be impossible to produce this site to the highest level: John Boitnott (Web master), Bob Quackenbush (Photo editing and proof reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Tom Donelson (Member Boxing Writers Association), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader), and the many that give me positive input.

Coming next month will be my top picks of 2012: Fighter of the Year, Fight of the Year, Round of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Upset of the Year and other accomplishments.  Also a feature that I will introduce starting next month and will be running each month: Excerpts from a TV show that ran on CBS-TV in the fifties and sixties called “What’s My Line.” You will see such boxers as Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Dempsey, Floyd Patterson, and Muhammad Ali as they appeared as guests on that show.

Also coming next week to this website is my friend Steve Corbo, who writes a boxing article that I am excited to post regarding his view on the state of boxing today. I met Steve, who lives in Chicago, a couple of years ago through Harold Lederman of HBO World Championship Boxing and we have become very good friends. He and his son Alex (pictured here)

came out west to my hometown of Santa Barbara to visit this past October and it was a bond made in heaven. I honor his work in boxing and I am blessed to have a friend like Steve Corbo.

I get lots of fan mail and I truly appreciate everybody and their opinions. My views in what I write are based solely on my honest opinion as I see it. My intent is not to try to change anyone’s mind but solely to give you my honest expertise.  Boxing has been my life for over fifty years and I am simply delighted to be able to reach out to so many on the World Wide Web.

Several articles posted on my website have generated a lot of opinions. The Greatest Mexican-Born Boxers was the top one recently that had many scenarios of what the order should have been for these great champions.  I respect all opinions and hopefully my fan base will continue to respect mine.

I have several products available online including T-shirts, hats, tank tops and most recently coffee mugs.  The girls that model these products add a beautiful touch to the website. They are not professional models but giving ladies that are all part of the team of dmboxing. Thank you to the models featured above: Holly and Lauren.

In closing, I would like to give Dave and Deborah Wilcox a huge pat on the back for their continuing support in a feature that is mentioned every time Rusty Rubin writes his signature column “In Rusty’s Corner,” called Glove 2 Glove. It is important that we pray for the sick and honor the deceased with respect.

Happy New Year everybody!

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