FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

T-Shirt Design

It’s that time again when I want to say thank you to some special people that have really helped contribute to the success of my website 다운로드.

In not any particular order they are: John Boitnott (producer), George Garcia (photographer), Bob Quackenbush (proof reader), Douglas Rossi (proof reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (boxing writer), Ray Luna (reporter), Jim Brister (WBC monthly ratings) 다운로드.

My t-shirt girls have added a beautiful touch, posing while wearing my product; they are Suzie (Dec. 2007, and Feb 심플한 ppt 테마 다운로드. 2008), Jania (April 2008), Maryuri (May 2008), Xochitl (July 2008), Natalie (Aug. 2008), Julie (Sept. 2008), and next month Krista (Nov. 2008).

As a boxing historian, I am striving to bring you things in boxing that will intrigue you. Starting next month I will be bringing you a six part series on Muhammad Ali. This will be a capsule look at a boxer who without question was the greatest heavyweight champion in our era, and the most recognizable sports figure of the 20th century.

In this series will be my personal accounts of Muhammad Ali, with some going back to when I knew him as Cassius Clay. As an added bonus (in each of the six monthly series) I will include ten separate photos of Muhammad Ali memorabilia from my private collection for your viewing.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you that have made my website what it is today – your continuing support is very much appreciated!