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(Summer 2010 Edition)

Each quarter, I write to thank the many people that make this website possible; that single subject is always the main focus because as a captain of this ship, if I had no crew , I have NO way to sail 다운로드. So, I would like once again to mention the personnel that help make this website the success that it has become today.

In no particular order they are John Boitnott (Producer), Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reader and Photo Editing), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), Rick Farris (Free Lance Writer), Nancy Cole (Proof Reader), and Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader) 록맨9.

My t-shirt girls are Suzie, Jania, Maryuri, Xochitl, Natalie, Julie, Krista, Morgan, Adriana, Marteena, Nina, Adria, Beverly, Lexy, Athena, Briana, Christina, Linda, Gordy, Christine, and Kelly 다운로드.

My hat girls are Samantha, Suzie, Tanya, Maryuri, Evelin, Nina, Daniella, Caitlin, Christine, Stacy, and Jennifer.

There are others who also contribute in small ways and I just want thank everyone for their support in helping me – it is absolutely my pleasure to serve you in boxing 다운로드.

I get lots of fan mail and I respect all opinions. Many of you give me ideas and input that I try to answer in a positive manner. I was overwhelmed with the many responses that I received regarding the image of Jim Jeffries on the cigar box from the year 1900 that was part of my Jack Johnson vs 파워 포인트 2010 한글판 다운로드. Jim Jeffries “FIGHT OF THE CENTURY” feature. Other websites contacted me about it and linked it on their sites as an introduction to my website 페이스북 내정보 다운로드.

One subject which has come to my attention, and more so than I expected, is the six part Muhammad Ali series than was featured on my website last year 이카로스 다운로드. Many of you have commented that you would like to see it featured back on my site again. These articles were my personal accounts of a boxer who, in the last century, was simply the greatest heavyweight champion of our time 다운로드.

So, starting next month, I will re-post each of the six articles onto my website for your viewing, as requested, with the format as follows: each will appear on an every-other-week basis 다운로드.

I am often asked the question, concerning Ali, how I would rate him among the other heavyweight champions. In going back to the late 1800’s of John L 위챗 pc 버전 다운로드. Sullivan’s time to the present champions of today, I list him at #2. My rankings of the heavyweights are (#1) Jack Johnson, (#2) Muhammad Ali, (#3) Joe Louis, (#4) Jack Dempsey, (#5) Rocky Marciano, (#6) Gene Tunney, (#7) James Corbett, (#8) Larry Holmes, (#9) Jim Jeffries), and (#10) Ezzard Charles. In no particular order, the next set of five to round out my top fifteen are Bob Fitzsimmons, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

As far as my rating the ten greatest boxers of all time in all the weight classes and with all at the peak of their careers – alphabetically they are Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran, Harry Greb, Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Joe Louis, Carlos Monzon, Willie Pep, and Sugar Ray Robinson, with Ray Robinson my pick as the greatest fighter “ever” in any weight division. I will always remember what my good friend Johnny Ortiz (Ringside L.A. formerly with ESPN radio) once said: “Sugar Ray Robinson from 1940 to 1951, in 131 fights, only lost once and that to Jake La Motta, who he went on to beat five times, before losing the middleweight championship to Randy Turpin, who he beat in their rematch to win back the title in 1951.”

I will continue to bring you the best that I can in boxing, and please know that your continued support logging on to means more than you know and I thank you!

7 thoughts on “FROM THE DESK OF … David Martinez / Boxing Historian

  1. hello david! its been a long time i was ust stopping by to see how were things with yourself out there in santa barbara .. I hope everything everything is ok with you financially & healthwise.. You can always email me at

    `Maryuri Gonzalez

  2. I own a vintage cigar box with Benny Leonard on the inside lable.It shows him striking a boxing pose.Very nice art work.I’m having a difficult time researching this item.Would you know anything about this cigar box,or maybe someone who does?I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.Thank you! Warren

  3. I have a SAME cigar box (but ) with Jim Jeffries on it – dated 1901 … hold on to that box – it is worth more than you know … thank you for your input!
    David Martinez

  4. I have a belt from the Lowell sun New England golden gloves in 1951 it is the 160 lb championship belt …. Can u tell me anything about it

  5. very NICE … I have cigar boxes of Jim Jeffries, Jim Corbett, John L Sullivan … your Marciano isn’t as old as mine … but know it’s worth a pretty penny & a wonderful collectable item!

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