Golden State Boxers Association upcoming event!

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I am happy to announce that the Golden State Boxers Association will conducting a very special event “Women Behind the Boxer Awards” on Saturday, February 28, 2009 (11am – 4pm) at the Steven’s Steakhouse in Commerce, California 다운로드.

This event will showcase many well known women from the world of boxing, which will include: Connie Baltazar (Frank Baltazar Sr.), Lynnette Bean (Willie Bean), Ruby Balanos (Enrique Bolanos), Anne Cote (Norm Cote), Eva Futch (Eddie Futch), Trudie Latka (George (Latka), Bonnie Lopez (Danny Lopez), Yolanda Muniz (Armando Muniz), Irma Powell (Charlie Powell), Sylvia Ramos (Mando Ramos), Lucille Ratliff (Monroe Ratliff), Vera Robledo (Joe Robledo), Dorothy Smith (Howard Smith), Elise Syers (Allen Syers), Emma Vaughn (Willie Vaughn) 멸치 앱.

I have included some photos from my private collection for your enjoyment to view of some of these beautiful people.

Tickets are reasonably price at $30.00 for lunch and festivities … for further information regarding this event, please contact GSBA president Larry Montalvo at (323) 268-6830, and I am already looking forward to seeing you there on February 28th 다운로드!

Anne and Norm Cote

Ruby Bolanos and David Martinez

Sylvia and Mando Ramos

Dorothy and Howard Smith

Eva and Eddie Futch

Danny, Bonnie Lopez and David Martinez

Trudie and George Latka