Haney “Unanimous Decision” Over Kambosos … Becomes “Undisputed” Lightweight Champion

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

George Kambosos and Delvin Haney were both undefeated and the winner would walk away as the unified title holder in the lightweight division with four belts.  Both opponents were excellent defensive fighters and not easy to hit, and this was an even fight between two very good fighters. 

The first round saw both fighters feel each other out and there were minor differences between the two fighters, but I gave the round to Kambosos on the strength of him landing 8 punches to 5 punches for Haney; and in the second half of the round, Kambosos landed the best punch with a solid right-hand counter which gave this round to Kambosos as well.  Haney had yet to establish a rhythm 역전 재판 1 다운로드.

Haney started to land solid shots in the second half of the third round and this continued into the fourth round and the fifth round as he used his jab to disrupt Kambosos’ attack.  The sixth round was close as both fighters landed a couple of good combinations and Kambosos may have won the sixth round.  At the halfway point of the fight, I had it 57-57 다운로드.

Haney’s jab won both the seventh and eighth round and his defensive skills allowed him to avoid Kambosos’ haymakers.  The seventh round was Haney’s best at this point in the fight as he used his jab to set up two nice combinations.  After the eighth round Kambosos’ corner looked worried as did much of the crowd of nearly 50,000 fans who showed up for their favorite fighter.  This was the biggest bout in Australia in decades and the hometown Kambosos was behind 다운로드.

In the ninth round, Kambosos reved up the pressure and this opened up some opportunity for Kambosos’ combinations and this was his best round.  I had the fight at 86-85 in favor of Haney 씨프 하트 다운로드. In the tenth round, Haney’s jab rocked Kambosos, but Kambosos did land a couple of rights.  The Haney jabs took the round.

With two rounds left, Haney’s boxing skills neutralized Kambosos’ offense as Kambosos threw one punch at a time and in the final round, Haney boxed and jabbed as he avoided Kambosos’ wild throws.  Kambosos could not land a solid shot and his attack proved ineffectual. 

The judges had the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110.  I agreed with the 116-112 score but thought the 118-110 was too generous for Haney; but Haney was the winner Skype apple download.

Haney landed 147 punches for an average of 12 punches landed versus Kambosos’ 100 punches landed for an average of 8 punches per round.  Haney landed 7 of 28 jabs thrown per round and his defensive skills limited Kambosos’ output to 35 punches thrown per round. In his last fight with Teofimo Lopez, he landed 182 punches for nearly 15 punches landed per round.  So Haney’s defensive skills neutralized Kambosos’ attack.  He connected on only half of his punches.

Kambosos had a rematch clause in the contract and the bout is to take place in Australia.  Haney has to bring his belts back to the land down under.  

One thought on “Haney “Unanimous Decision” Over Kambosos … Becomes “Undisputed” Lightweight Champion

  1. Haney showed his abilities to the max here. Previously I would have figured him to be a
    Charles the Natural Murray leve, guy. Now he belongs in the top 1p p4p conversation.
    Future opponents that I would enjoy include Loma, Tank, Shakur.

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