Happy “One Year” Anniversary!

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

It was one year ago that I brought you this website and dmboxing.com was officially born.

My idea to start a website was intended to bring boxing fans the best that I could do to bring you my 48 years of love for this sport.

Since 1960, I have shared my passion with so many others, that now this is a way to launch what I do best to the world, through the world wide web 얼마에요 pro 다운로드.

The main focus that I try to maintain is – to give you a format of my personal expertise with honesty and energy as I see it.

I also want to mention the people that in this past year have helped me immensely to make this website what it has been and what it will be in the future.

I would now like to take this opportunity to single out the following people. Each of them has given me their own full support with what they individually do best in order to make this website the success that it has been 다운로드.

I am so blessed to have surrounded myself with these people and thank God each day for their contributions.

I will start with my producer, John Boitnott (NBC-TV / San Francisco & San Jose, CA / web producer) who has the task of producing everything that you see on the website. He has been there to listen to and deal with all of my tedious ways to make sure that everything is to my satisfaction. John does so much to make this website run smoothly – that he is “literally” the engine that makes it all work 다운로드. His clever ideas are just so unnoticed to me, that when I see the final product, I then clearly see how well he does his part to make it all look good – very good for everyone to see!

I had only one surprise this past year from my producer and it was certainly unexpected. I sent John a photo of myself taken by George Garcia just before I was to attend a costume party wearing a Mexican wrestling mask (i.e.) Lucha Libre, wishing him a “Happy Halloween.” He then took that photo and posted it immediately on the website, this allowing me to wish my fan base “Happy Halloween” too … you can view this in the October 2007 Archives menu 다운로드.

Eric Angella is our web master. He designed the current header that is seen everytime you click on this website with my picture (photo George Garcia). When John Boitnott needs technical advice, he goes to Eric.

My t-shirt girls are not professional models – that is a common question that has been asked to me on many occasions 다운로드. These girls are personal friends of mine. What makes them all so unique is – they are all beautiful and in asking them to pose wearing my website t-shirt they all said the same thing – which is, that they would be honored to represent my website and do this for me. This speaks volumes about these classy young women. We have had the pleasure to see Suzie (December 2007, and February 2008), Jania (April 2008), Maryuri (May 2008) and next week you will see Xochitl 다운로드. Later next month you will see Natalie … you can view each girl in the T-shirt category on menu.

My proof readers have been Bob Quackenbush and Douglas Rossi. They proof my articles to the professional standards warranted for this website. Both also add their own comments and always enhance anything that I write in a positive way 어이쿠왕자님 한글 다운로드. Both are personal friends to me.

Ray Luna reports to me any boxing news of interest. He always calls me with first hand/insider information directly from press conferences, gyms and of course from ringside.

Jim Brister provides me with the updated WBC Ratings every month. Although I get forty ranked boxers in each weight division, I choose to edit that down to just the top ten in each weight class for easier viewing 돈 2019 다운로드.

My writers are so good at what they do and how they present their articles/features. They are: Rusty Rubin (Ring Sports editor) who contributes “In Rusty’s Corner” and Jim Amato who has his own very successful website (amatoboxingsite.multiply.com) is also an excellent boxing writer.

My main photographer is George Garcia. His work is nothing less than spectacular. What separates him from other photographers is that his professional eye enables him to get that one priceless shot 다운로드. I might also add that George is so prompt about getting his photos to me, that I get them before I even get my story line written in covering an event. For a personal look and to meet George … go to the menu on this website and click on his name.

I would also like to thank the other websites that I have linked up with on my website for easy access 와호장룡 다운로드. They are: HBO Boxing, Showtime Boxing, Brian Hughes from the United Kingdom (brianhughesmbe.co.uk), Jim Amato Boxing (amatoboxingsite.multiply.com), and Alex Ramos / Retired Boxers Foundation (retiredboxers.org/home.htm).

There are also a select group of people that give me positive input and information not only for the website, but also as dear friends. They are: Jim Carlin, Ray Cerda, Johnny Ortiz, Don Fraser, and Michele Chong.

As scary as this might sound, in the 1931 classic movie Frankenstein where the doctor isolates himself to create the monster (played brilliantly by Boris Karloff) I can truly attest to that – I find myself like that Dr. Frankenstein; no, not literally the mad scientist that he was, but like the fact that he was so focused in what he needed to accomplish, without any distractions, until he was complete with his work!

I received many calls regarding my feature story on “the greatest Mexican born fighters” … rating them with my personal opinion and I truly value those of you that had feedback as well … this article can be seen by going to menu and clink on Rankings.

Here now are the top twelve stories from this past year that I want to bring to your attention, that I received many comments and input about … listed below are each (in monthly order). You can simply find the following feature articles by going to the menu under “Archives” and clicking on each to view:

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Muhammad Ali vs. Gorilla Monsoon – November 2007

RIP / George Latka – December 2007

RIP / Hank Kaplin – December 2007

Bringing a champion to my home town – January 2008

Joe Louis – February 2008

RIP / Art Aragon – March 2008

World Colored Heavyweight Championship – April 2008

RIP / Luis Magana – April 2008