Happy “Three Year” Anniversary! 

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

It was three years ago, July 15, 2007, that I brought you this website and dmboxing was born.

My purpose in starting this website is to bring boxing fans all around the world the best that I can offer, drawing from my 50 years of love and passion that I have for the sport 다운로드. My primary focus is to maintain a format that has a personal touch coming from my wealth of knowledge, along with honest opinions to share with all of you.

The people that have stepped up and have joined me to help make this website the success that it has been over the past 36 months have been so incredible that I can only thank God for placing them in my life 내생에 봄날은 간다 mp3.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention these wonderful people. Each of them, behind the scenes, give what they individually do best in uniting themselves as a team that makes it all work.

John Boitnott, who I met back in the mid-nineties when I was doing boxing reporting for KEYT news radio 1250-AM, is my producer. He is brilliant in the sense that he knows how to make everything that I submit turn to gold in a way that my fan base can enjoy with interest and satisfaction 도굴왕 txt 다운로드. He has been there to listen to and deal with my perfectionist ways to make sure this website runs smoothly – he is “literally” the engine that makes the final product work to perfection.

Bob Quackenbush, who I have known as a friend for 30 years, is my lead proofreader; but another role he plays is this – he is a master in doing my photo editing 조심술3 다운로드. When I am in doubt about any photo matter, Bob is right there with his input and expertise.  He is so valuable to this website that without him I would be a captain aboard a ship lost at sea without a compass.

My two main boxing writers are Rusty Rubin and Jim Amato. They both provide their own views and opinions in a positive manner. Rusty contributes “In Rusty’s Corner” which includes his “Glove 2 Glove” report for the sick and deceased in boxing 이집트왕자 2 다운로드. Rusty is based in Reno, Nevada, and adds so much to this website for which I am grateful. Jim contributes outstanding features about fighters with his own personal insights and has a great background in boxing. Jim is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Another freelance writer that has contributed some of his excellent work is Rick Farris. He is a former professional boxer (1970-74) from the Los Angeles, California, area and I am so happy that has brought his expertise to my website 아이폰 유튜브 영상 다운로드.

Two other proof readers that I rely on as backups are Nancy Cole and Kathy Kraft. They are two priceless women to have as my friends and are always there to help in my time of need.

There are others that contribute, but the above that I have mentioned are the key supporting cast that I consider the ones who make up the team of success which leads to what you see on this website 롤러코스터3.

The girls that display my products are very special and beautiful. They are not professional models, as this is a common question that has been asked. These girls are friends of mine and enhance my website in a positive and productive way.

The girls that have modeled my t-shirts have been Suzie, Jania, Maryuri, Xochitl, Natalie, Julie, Krista, Morgan, Adriana, Marteena, Nina, Adria, Beverly, Lexy, Athena, Briana, Christina, Linda, Gordie, Christine, and next month, Kelly nwc 무료.

The girls that have posed with my hat have been Samantha, Suzie, Tanya, Maryuri, Evelin, Nina, Daniella, Caitlin, Christine, Stacy, and later this month, Jennifer.

All these girls are very special in a unique way as they have all said that they are simply honored to be part of my website.  My only comment to that is – I am so honored to have them represent dmboxing 다운로드.

In closing, I want to say that it has been my absolute pleasure to serve you these past three years. Your e-mail responses are most welcome and any positive input that you might have will only enable me to give you the best that I can offer.

I know that you have many choices in boxing on the Internet and this is why I sincerely want to say “thank you” for making my website just one of them 다운로드!

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  1. Congratulations on the 3 years David. I come and read the articles all the time in between classes while I’m at school. The insight and views that are expressed on this site are much more in depth and in historically based then many other sites I have seen, gotta love it!

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