In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is editor of website and the author of three acclaimed boxing books sbs 뉴스! “Woozel, Boxing and Me”, “Off the Canvas” and “Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” co-authored by Tom Donelson.

A reminder that the California Boxing Hall of Fame honors many great fighters and boxing folks at their June 21st induction ceremonies 다운로드. The event will take place at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, Cal.

Among those being honored are Joe Louis, Jackie McCoy, Eddie Futch, Johnny Ortiz, Mando Ramos, and many more 윈도우 svn 다운로드. Late word is that Barry Gordy of Mowtown fame will be on hand as well.

For more information or tickets for this Saturday afternoon event, call: (818) 761-4887 or via e-mail at 다운로드.

Some people are spamming using my name and e-mail address. Neither me nor are sending these ads. I advise everyone to ignore anything not expected 다운로드. Feel free to check with me if you have any questions.***

I thank everyone who has taken time to make to write me and express your kind words about the mag and my journalistic efforts Cad 2007 download. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.***

I’ve gotten a lot of queries about when, or even if. the magazine will publish again. I can only say I hope so and ask fans to be a little patient windows 10 영문 언어팩. I’ve had a few inquiries, but like the TV show, the price has to be right. Anyone interested in putting in a bid for the mag (in its 19th year, and 51% control of the website), please contact me 페이스북 고화질 영상 다운로드. No firm decision has been made on the disposition of the final publication or website, and none is expected to be made soon.***

Three interesting stories hit our wire in recent days, Evander Holyfield and Thomas Hearns in deep financial trouble and Floyd Mayweather Jr 한국 예능 다운로드. announced his retirement. An athlete in financial trouble is certainly nothing new. People tend to live far beyond their means, which might be okay if the economy was doing well, but in the USA, it has not, and doesn’t figure to anytime soon 포맨 유학 다운로드.

As for Mayweather retiring, he’s done it before. My guess is that he’s trying to up the price on his rematch fight with De la Hoya. Problem is fans don’t have the big money they had when they first met, and far less people will buy the PPV.***

Here’s another great book for our friends to read and enjoy, “Boxing in the Los Angeles Area 1880-2005. Great pics of some great fighters, and very well written and produced by Tracy Callis and Chuck Johnston. It’s published by “Pastime Memorabilia”.***

One big fight this weekend, in Florida, where we’ll see a rematch on Showtime between the great battle between King Arthur Abraham and Edison Miranda.

We’ll look for another war here, as the first one indeed was, and a slight decision victory to Miranda, who has a few defensive faults to correct, but if it’s done in time, he has the talent to become a world champion.***


The boxing world lost Mitsunori Seki, 66, a top fighter from Japan, who lost five title shots to the best around, .Please say a prayer for his soul.

Please say prayers for Phill Grazide of Santa Rosa, CA. a big supporter of amateur boxing, who is suffering the crippling effects of rheumatoid arthritis.***

Glove2Glove is a non-denominational group set up to aide those boxing folks and their friends and relatives in need of prayers and cards. We accept no money and contact our members when someone is in need. It’s absolutely free to join. God doesn’t ask for money, and neither do we. Joining us is as Simple as sending us your e-mail address. And even if you’re not a member, feel free to contact us if you are aware of some boxing person in need.***