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Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the website and the author of various highly acclaimed boxing books!

“One of the funniest boxing books ever written” 다운로드. ‘Healing and therapeutic’ and ‘helpful in dealing with a life threatening illness’, are just a few of the words that seem to be most used when readers have called and written to me about “Woozel, Boxing and Me” ( #31810) 다운로드. This book has been given 4½ stars at (read the reviews) and was awarded “Boxing Book of the Year, 2006” by

“Woozel, Boxing and Me” is far more than just a compilation of many funny and true boxing stories, oddities and quotes 다운로드. The book serves as a final tribute to the memory of Susiey Walker, my zany best friend of more than 25 years, who loved life and knew how to live it to the max 바람 기억 mp3. This book has helped many people deal with terminal illness and death, although that was never my overt intention in writing this tome. I am currently working on a follow up 넥슨 도미네이션즈.

Wuz traveled and attended many West Coast boxing events with me and by so doing created many of those unforgettable moments with her positive, but often zany attitude and always bubbly personality 진격의 거인 자유의 날개 다운로드. Sue passed away in Feb. 2004, at age 54, after a tough 5-year battle with colon cancer. Although she never got into the title belt, Sue was a true fighter with the (body of a model and the heart of a champion 다운로드.

The book reviews have all been great and the early demand for this work, one of the funniest boxing books ever written, (by me at least) has been strong. ‘Woozel, Boxing and Me’ is a must read for all boxing fans and everyone who has had to deal with tragic, life-altering situations. If you didn’t think that boxing, like life, has its funny and sadly tragic moments before, this true story will quickly change your mind and help you appreciate those wonderful people in your life that truly make it worth living.

And although progress has been slower than I liked, I am indeed working on a follow-up to this book, with less “Woozel” stories and more sports related humor and human interest tales.

Speaking of worthwhile books, pick up a copy of “Boxing in the Shadows” by my fellow author and friend, Tom Donelson. It’s both a highly educational and enjoyable read.

Don’t forget to support our amateurs, and turn out in numbers to the Los Angeles Team take on the boxing squad from Calgary. This event will be held in Quiet Cannon, in Southern California.***

Team Los Angeles v. Team Calgary

So mark on your calendar, particularly if you agree with me that youth is not only the future of boxing, but of the world, is Nov. 16th, when Team Los Angeles takes on Team Calgary, in a fun event at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello, CA. For more information, please call 818-563-2094.***

In keeping with my policy of picking hard fights, this week feature event takes place at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

The venue is housing the fight between aging veteran “Sugar” Shane Mosley and undefeated young man Miguel Cotto.

In this environment you have to go with Cotto, who hails from Puerto Rico and who’s Hispanic fans will be far more rabid than Mosley.

Shane may still be the better boxer, and will have to be to be able to hold his own against the very fast Cotto.

I like Shane, but I just don’t see him pulling this one out. Cotto by unanimous decision.

After trying for almost 18 months for a major fight to return to ring glory, Reggie Johnson ( former2 time champion) gets back into the ring with Glencoffe Johnson in a fight held in Lake Charles, LA. On Nov. 17th.

It’s a great fight on paper, and if these guys are anywhere close to their best, it should be a great fight to watch. Congratulations to Kerry Daigle of for putting this outstanding fight together. More info to follow as it comes across my desk.***

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