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Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the website and the author of three highly acclaimed boxing books!

“One of the funniest boxing books ever written”. ‘Healing and therapeutic’ and ‘helpful in dealing with a life threatening illness’, are just a few of the words that seem to be most used when readers have called and written to me about “Woozel, Boxing and Me” ( #31810) 다운로드. This book has been rated 4½ stars at (read the reviews) and was named “Boxing Book of the Year, 2006” by

“Woozel, Boxing and Me” is far more than just a compilation of many funny and true boxing stories, oddities and quotes. The book serves as a tribute to the memory of Susiey “Woozel” Walker, my zany best friend of more than 25 years, who loved life and knew how to live it to the max wow 클래식. This book has helped many people deal with terminal illness and death, although that was never my overt intention in writing this tome. I am currently working on a follow up.

Wuz traveled and attended many West Coast boxing events with me and by so doing created many of those unforgettable moments with her positive, but often off-the wall attitude and always bubbly personality 다운로드. Sue passed away in Feb. 2004, at age 54, after a tough 5-year battle with colon cancer. Although she never got a title belt, Sue was a true fighter who was blessed with the body of a model and the heart of a champion.

The book reviews have all been great and the early demand for this work, one of the funniest boxing books ever written, (by me at least) has been strong 다운로드. ‘Woozel, Boxing and Me’ is a must read for all boxing fans and everyone who has had to deal with tragic, life-altering situations. If you didn’t think that boxing, like life, has its funny and sadly tragic moments before, this true story will quickly change your mind and help you appreciate those wonderful people in your life that truly make it worth living.

And although progress on the follow-up has been slower than I liked, I am indeed working on a sequal to this book, with less “Woozel” stories and more sports related humor and human interest tales 다운로드.

“Off the Canvas”, #22873, is an accurate account of American history and the social problems of those times, as seen through the eyes of an 80-year old ex-champ. “Off the Canvas” takes you from the time of the Great Depression (1929) till the World Trade Center disaster (2001) and is a book that has been getting very strong reviews from inside and out of the boxing community 다운로드. “Off the Canvas” covers most of the social and economic problems of our times in a book that you just can’t put down.“ Off the Canvas is available at, (#22873) and on-line major book retailers. If you enjoy both boxing and American history, this book is a must read!***

“Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” #31809, co-authored by Tom Donelson, is also available via internet book sellers 책 파일 다운로드. Soose was the middleweight champion of the world in 1939, beating greats like Tony Zale and Ken Overlin in less than a month’s time. Yet because of WWII, when he entered the military, his career was-shortened, sadly few remember him today. Although a member of the World Boxing Hall of fame, it is the sincere view of both authors that Billy Soose more than qualifies for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame 국기에 대한 맹세.

All three books are available at and other fine on-line outlets. Sales have remained strong. With the holidays coming, pick up all three for the great boxing fans in your life.

Speaking of worthwhile books, pick up a copy of “Boxing in the Shadows” by my fellow author and friend, Tom Donelson. It’s both a highly educational and enjoyable read 초코플레이어 구버전 다운로드.

Any of these books will also make a great birthday or gift for any occasion, and add greatly to the library of that ‘special’ sports fan in your life.

Autographed editions are extremely limited and should be ordered at least 30 days in advance.***

For the record, I am going to support the induction of outstanding trainer Freddie Roach for the International Boxing Hall of Fame 몽환신사. Added to Billy Soose, this would be a powerful two-some for the upcoming inductions.***

Again allow me to again warn you that many other people are spamming using my name and e-mail address. It’s not me or, who are sending these messages, and my heartfelt advice to everyone is not to open anything you’re not expecting. Feel free to check with me if you have any questions.***

Being a journalist, I’ve learned that the highest tribute that one can receive is positive comments about his endeavors in his chosen field of work. I thank everyone who has made those comments to me, either in person or other means of communication. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.***

Old friend from the UK, former light heavyweight and Lonsdale Belt winner, Tony Wilson has a new website for you to check out, it’s Tony, an asset to our sport, does much for the kids in the UK, and deserves much support from everyone connected to our sport.

Former lightweight champ and good guy Greg “Mutt” Haugen has lent his good name to an organization that is also working with the kids.***

The big event this weekend takes place at the famed Madison Square Garden in NY, where two aging veterans, Roy Jones Jr. and Felix Trinidad meet at a catch-weight of 170.

Who is the furthest over-the hill might decide the winner here, but I think that Jones, who seems to be always in top shape, is just a bit stronger here, as Trinidad has not been very sharp in his comeback fights.

Roy Jones to continue his career a bit longer and Tito may hang em up after this loss.

Jones, TKO 7.***

One thought on “In Rusty’s Corner

  1. I’ve read all three of Rusty’s books, and enjoyed them to the point that I purchased multible copies of each to give as gifts. It’s a no brainer;

    In 2004 — “Off The Canvas”
    In 2005 — “Billy Soose, The Champion Time Forgot”
    In 2006 — “Woozel, Boxing & Me”

    I’d strongly suggest all three…….
    Jim Carlin

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