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Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

Glad to see that the baseball writers have shown some balls and said no to the admission of performance enhancement drug users into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown 다운로드.

The clowns involved have already robbed enough money from the team owners that paid them as well as the fans who perhaps thought the ‘stars’ performances were on the up and up 다운로드.

Now I can only wish the writers in other sports, especially boxing, to show the same courage.***

Nothing new on the Pacquiao – Mayweather front 성경듣기 다운로드. If they meet up in the ring it will because Mayweather has to, sooner or later, stop running away from the only real money-match around.

The “Ring”, or one of their writers think it’s okay for Evander to keep on fighting 다운로드. Allow me to agree, as long as the fans fully realize that they are getting ripped off if they are paying to see a ‘fight’.

I hope no one takes this the wrong way, after all, the “Ring” is considered the ‘Bible of Boxing’ 서브노티카 빌로우 제로 다운로드. Who am I to take issue with the ‘Bible.’ No, I’m not a heretic, but I have to challenge the writer of this articles point of view.

The Real Deal is not even a shell of what he once was, and every time Holyfield steps into the ring, he’s risking injury or worse, and if that were to happen it will be another black mark on our sport.***

In West Virginia, Evander Holyfield takes on Sherman ‘Tank’ Williams on January 22? You have to be kidding. Does anybody care? If so why? My prediction is it will be a horrible event to watch for free, let alone waste almost thirty dollars on. Neither fighter should be considered a legitimate contender for the heavyweight crown.

Glove 2 Glove:

A number of people have left us recently.

Please say prayers for the souls of: Geraldi Rinaldi, 48, boxing writer and historian; Gary Mason, 48, former British champion and Charley Pappas, a former middleweight fighter and trainer from Massachusetts.

Prayers for the recovery of the mother of Jacquie Richardson (Retired Boxers Assn.) and her father who is having hip replacement.

Prayers are requested for the health of outstanding trainer Joe Sousa, who is fighting the fight of his life against cancer.

Prayers are requested for the return to health of former women fighter Christy Martin who is recovering in Florida (and I’m told back in training).

Prayers requested for the return to health of Archie Wright, 2, who wandered into some dangerous substances.

Prayers for the complete return to good health to my old friend, promoter, and ex-wrestler Jack ‘Moe’ Smith who had complete reconstructive knee surgery a couple of weeks back. Moe’s a fighter and making a complete recovery.

On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

If you know of any boxing people in need of spiritual uplift and/or prayers? Just drop us a line. Membership is free to all and no one will ever contact you except for prayer requests, or put your name on anyone’s mailing list. Every prayer request is welcome and I know the recipient will appreciate it.

God listens!

Rusty Rubin, who was formerly the award winning managing editor of as well as the currently defunct Ringsports Magazine, is the author of three acclaimed boxing books! “Woozel, Boxing and Me”, “Off the Canvas” and “Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” co-authored by Tom Donelson. These books are all available at, and all major book retailers. They are all more than worth the purchase price.

Please allow me to recommend, two other great books, the “Arc of Boxing” by Mike Silver and “My Life among the Icons” by Johnny Ortiz.

In these hard economic times, any or all of these books will make an excellent and inexpensive presents to the boxing fan(s) in your life. They are especially appreciated gifts if the recipient is tired of watching re-runs of sit-coms and the far-less than significant reality shows.

You and the gift recipient will be glad you made the right choice (or the write choice)!***

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