Local Boxing Gym Closes Temporarily and The Effectiveness of – The Jab

By David Martinez / dmboxing.com

The unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has resulted in owner Henry Calles temporarily ceasing operations at Duke’s Boxing and Fitness, 6565 Trigo Road, Isla Vista, California 93117 다운로드. To say that I will miss the workouts and coaching the kids is truly an understatement.

Through the years I have always told our kids “the jab is the most important punch in boxing” 암살교실 1기 다운로드.

A jab is the lead punch and isn’t commonly referred to as a power punch. However, there are many boxers who have had such powerful jabs, they might as well be considered power punches 다운로드. One who is tops in this category was Sonny Liston.

The main objective is to lead off with the jab, using it to control distance and create opportunities to follow up with a hook, cross or uppercut creo 3.0 다운로드. But it can also be an extremely effective defensive tool, disrupting an opponent’s attack and keeping them at bay. 

My favorite drill to perfect the jab is to use the double end bag and throw the jab only, while holding a five pound weight in the other, non-jab, hand 다운로드. That other hand is held up close by your chin, with elbow tucked in tight to your body, thus only throwing one punch in session – the jab.

Doing this in the gym, at every workout, every time, will master your jab to perfection. It will soon be like tying your shoes or writing your name, it will just come naturally, instantly and without even thinking.

One thought on “Local Boxing Gym Closes Temporarily and The Effectiveness of – The Jab

  1. I hope the gym and the world bounce back. This is the biggest tragedy in my lifetime. Good stuff on the jab.

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