Lomachenko Pulls Out Decision Win Over Ortiz

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Vasilly Lomachenko was riding a two-fight winning streak since his loss to Teofimo Lopez, faced the young undefeated Jamaine Ortiz. 

The opening round saw Ortiz jabbing but not much was done beyond that and Lomachenko spent the round feeling his opponent out.  Ortiz did land combination shots and a body shot to win the round.  In the second round Ortiz continued pushing his jab and left Lomachenko little time to think as this was another good round for Ortiz as he mixed jabs and power shots and won both rounds. 

Lomachenko came back in the third round as he used different approaches to penetrate Ortiz’s defenses as he landed right hands that wobbled Ortiz, who tied up Lomachenko and Lomanchenko won this round and after three rounds, it was 29-28 in favor of Ortiz. 

Round four began with Ortiz flicking two jabs that fell short and Lomachenko landed clean punches, but Ortiz connected on the double the punches as he put punches in bunches.  Lomachenko outworked Ortiz with accurate punches in the fifth round.  He laned left to the body followed with a straight left hand to Ortiz’s head.  He continued to pressure Ortiz but Ortiz fought better in the sixth round, but Lomachenko punches had more snap and Ortiz’s left eye stare to close.  Body shots to the body weaken Ortiz and the head shots started to close Ortiz’s left eye.  Halfway through the fight I had the fight even 57-57

The seventh round was close, but Lomachenko landed the stronger punches with three body shots and solid jabs but in the eighth round, Oritz scored with a counter right hand along with an uppercut.  Ortiz won the eighth round pc용 카카오톡. The ninth round was close as Lomachenko landed an uppercut and a straight left, but Ortiz landed a right-hand lead and a left hand that scored.  A close round but gave it to Ortiz and had the fight a close 86-85 for Ortiz 다운로드.

Lomachenko came out in the tenth with a sense of urgency.  He measured Ortiz with his jab and landed right hands to Ortiz head and won the tenth.  He continued to control the championship rounds as he landed some big blows middle of the round.   Going into the final round, I had it 105 to 104 for Lomanchenko.   Ortiz started the round fast as he popped jabs, but Lomachenko landed straight left and concluded in the last minute with three solid shots 해리포터와 죽음의 성물 2 다운로드.

The fight was close as I had it 115-113.  Lomachenko connected on 125 punches versus Ortiz 122 punches and you could have made a case for a draw or Ortiz winning.  Ortiz landed more power shots and Lomachenko connected on more jabs.  Ortiz landed 20% of his punches and was slightly less accurate than Lomachenko 22% .  The official scores was 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111 for Lomachenko but I thought the 116-112 an 117-111 was too far of margin 다운로드.


Ortiz won three of the first rounds in my view, but Lomachenko turned the tide in the middle rounds and won the last rounds 다운로드.

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  1. Excellent synopsis Tom. I had the fight dead even, but that’s only one round off from your score, so no complaints here.

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