Lopez by Unanimous Decision over Lomachenko

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, and well respected contributor to dmboxing.com since 2008

There was the fight in the ring and then there was the fight on the scorecards 다운로드. When Teofimo Lopez Jr. and Vasiliy Lomachenko faced each other to decide the official undisputed lightweight championship of the world, the fight in the ring was close and, in the view of many, decided in the final round 다운로드. I had Lopez up by a 115-113 score, but it could have been 114-114 or 115-113 in favor of Lomachenko. Yes, it was close, and certainly closer than the scorecards indicated acdsee pro 8 다운로드.

When Lopez and Lomachenko faced off in this unification bout, the opening rounds saw Lopez control the fight with his jabs followed by body shots.  The first half of the fight was a tactical fight with Lopez dominating the action 다운로드.

The biggest shock was that Lopez not only kept his composure, but that he also managed to out-box the master boxer, Lomachenko.  He used his jab to keep Lomachenko off balance and used uppercuts and straight rights to the body.  After the sixth round, ESPN had the fight 59-55 and I had it 60-54 in favor of Lopez.  It was hardly a great fight but a tactical fight which Lopez was winning webm 파일.

Starting in the seventh, Lomachenko began to pick up the pace but Lopez got the better of things in that round. The eighth round saw Lomachenko starting to land combinations and he managed to get inside, fighting through Lopez’ punches. 

Lomachenko continued to counter in the tenth, and in the eleventh he appeared to smash through as he landed nearly thirty punches for his most dominant round. He backed Lopez up with combinations for the first two minutes but Lopez managed to come back over the last thirty seconds. It wasn’t enough, though, as Lomachenko won the round.

Lopez now had that moment in which every championship fighter must fight to win.  Tired and with his corner telling him he was winning, he ignored his corner and decided to go out and win the fight.  He attacked Lomachenko and after losing four or five rounds in a row, and viewing the fight as being in the balance, he fought like a champion.

Lomachenko pressed the action early in the final round and nailed Lopez with a lead left before getting hit with a right hand.  Lopez landed a hook and, for a few seconds, forced Lomachenko on his back foot.  Lopez dominated for the first 2 minutes and 50 seconds before an accidental head butt opened a cut over Lopez’ right eye. But with ten seconds left and bleeding, he finished up the fight. Lopez won the bout in my estimation, but judge Julie Lederman had Lopez winning eleven rounds. I couldn’t see that at all since Lomachenko did win the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th rounds, with ESPN also giving Lomachenko the second round. The seventh was close as well.

Lopez won his 16th fight without a loss and defeated a great fighter in Lomachenko. He has the ability to become a superstar but Lomachenko showed championship heart over the last half of the fight. From the eighth round to the twelfth and final round, he pushed the issue and turned a boring tactical fight into a real fight. 

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