Mayweather Retires!

By David Martinez/Boxing Historian

I must admit that I was not surprised, when I heard the news, that Floyd Mayweather Jr 가변윤고딕. is retiring from boxing. I remember not so long ago, November 2006, that he once retired after his lopsided decision win over then WBC welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir, only to return 다운로드.

Retirements in sports come as often as the gas prices rise in our country, but if Floyd does stay retired this time – he will join two other outstanding boxers, that come to my mind, that have stayed retired after being offered huge pay days to return, and they were Marvin Hagler and Lennox Lewis 다운로드.

I wish Floyd much happiness in this retirement, and at such a young age of 31, but for the record let me say that he will be back in the ring before anyone can count all the money that he has made in his brilliant boxing (and WWE wrestling) career 우주좀비 다운로드!

In closing – here is a written statement that Floyd sent to the news media regarding his retirement:

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