Morales, The Warrior Last Fight (RECAP)


By Tom Donelson

 Member Boxing Writers Association


Erik Morales faced the end of the road against Danny Garcia as father time simply proved too much 경력 이력서 양식. A left hook send Morales body twisting 360 degree and as Morales hit the ground, so did his career. Morales belong to the Hall of Fame with a career that includes fights with some of the greatest of his generation 다운로드.

It was thought that David Diaz ended Morales career back in 2007 when Diaz pounded him in a unanimous decision for the Diaz version of the lightweight title and before that bout, he had lost to bouts to Pacquaio and Zahir Raheem 다운로드. The Diaz loss was Morales fourth loss in a row and all things pointed to Morales saying goodbye.

Three years later, Morales came back as a junior welterweight with an idea of becoming champion and there was no reason to suggest he could win. After two wins in a row, he faced the hard slugging Marcos Rene Maidana and most pundits feared that Morales would get hurt. Morales lost the bout that was close and even some pundits felt he won. In defeat, Morales rose in the eyes of the public but this was more of a false signal that Morales was back but one fight against a hard slugging fighter with defensive deficiencies. He showed the old Morales over the first six rounds of his first bout with Garcia but over the second half, Garcia took control of the fight as he pounded Morales, who managed to survive.

Morales was given a rematch but what we saw was not the Morales of old but an old Morales. By the end of the third round, Morales looked exhausted and a beaten fighter. Garcia was simply pounding Morales from one end of the ring to the other. Morales career ended like most great boxers who fought one fight too many, by defeat. Morales style represented that of any Mexican warrior who prefer to stand and fight as oppose to boxing away from trouble. He been in his share of wars including three with Marco Antonio Barrera and three with Pacquiao; those wars left their mark. At 36, Morales was no longer an elite fighter and you can contrast Morales to Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez is still one of the elite fighters and preparing for a big money fight with Pacquiao at the age of the 39 and part of his success was his ability to box and counter punch. This style allowed him to survive late into his career whereas Morales prefer to fight in the trenches. Morales proved to be a great fighter and given the fans their money worth but he is no longer what he was. It is time to say good bye.

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