My Thoughts On Pavlik, Dawson And Berto

Tom Donelson

Three Stars Born

Last Saturday night saw a changing of the guard. Jermain Taylor came in the fight needing a big fight to secure his own legacy. Instead of being the man who defeated Hopkins in close controversial fights, he wanted to beat and beat Pavlik bad. A big victory would not just secure Taylor as the best Middleweight in the world but possible big fight with the winner of the Kessler-Calzaghe windows 8.1 pro k 다운로드.

Taylor came out jabbing and with superior hand speed, nailing Pavlik. Pavlik kept moving forward through the hail of left jabs and started to reach Taylor with his own jab near the end of the round. The first round was a wash but the second round determined the fight.

Pavlik began the round with solid jabbing and appeared to winning the round but a Taylor right sent his head 180 degrees and Pavlik body sprawled in four different directions 다운로드. After getting up, Pavlik looked ready to go and Taylor tried to finish Pavlik off. For one minute Pavlik survived barrages of quick punches headed his direction but he managed to stay standing and even countered at the end. Taylor had his chance to finish the tough Ohioan but he couldn’t do it.

Round three through six had one pattern 다운로드. Pavlik threw more punches but Taylor was the more accurate puncher. Pavlik kept moving forward but Taylor superior hand speed countered the slower Pavlik. After six rounds, Taylor had the lead on the score cards. In a tough, close fight, Taylor hand speed and accuracy gave the native Arkansan the advantages on the scorecards 워로봇 다운로드.

Taylor jab Pavlik at will in the opening moments of the seventh round and appeared to have control of the round before a Pavlik right hand nailed Taylor. Taylor never saw the right and he staggered back into the rope. Pavlik pursued and a left uppercut followed by a three punch barrage sent Taylor down in the corner jrebel. Taylor sunk in the corner and unable to get up. This was the difference in the fight. Pavlik survived his knock down in the second round but Taylor did not survive

Pavlik won this fight despite being nearly out in the second round and a bloody nose. Pavlik had trouble breathing at times but he never quit his game plan. He pressured Taylor and never quit moving forward. Pavlik got nailed with nearly half of Taylor strikes but his strength allowed him to stay in the fight and outlast Taylor.

Pavlik has the tools to be a super star in the Middleweight and Super Middleweight division. At 6’2”, he is tall for a Middleweight and he has the potential to move up to Super Middleweight and even light heavyweight. A tough fighter with knockout punches, Pavlik has the quality that makes boxing fan drool. With 29 knockouts in his 32 wins, Pavlik may be the one American that can beat the European best in both the Middleweights and Super Middleweights.

In the first fight, Andre Berto took a step forward. The young welterweight prospect was coming off an unimpressive win over Cosme Rivera, a fight that saw Berto having to get off the canvas. David Estrada has fought some of the best in the division and would be a tough match for Berto. Estrada, a strong welterweight, loves to come forward and pressure.

Berto began this fight with accurate jab and the first round showed Berto advantages. Berto had the hand speed and better techniques. Throughout the fight, Berto accuracy and power gave the young prospect the advantages. The first three rounds appeared close but in the fourth, Berto took control and each round saw David Estrada being worn down little by little. In most rounds, Estrada began the rounds hard but Berto ended most rounds with scorching combinations.

The eighth round saw both fighters going toe to toe with Berto gaining the advantages but Estrada nailed Berto with some solid left hooks. By the ninth, Estrada looked like a beaten fighter. No longer capable of hurting Berto, Estrada was fighting on fumes. Berto never gone beyond ten rounds but Berto nailed Estrada with a right hand uppercut and Estrada went down. Estrada barely got up but the end was near and Berto closed the show.

Meanwhile, Chad Dawson defended his Lights Heavyweight title against Epifano Mendoza. Mendoza was a late replacement and after the opening moments, it was obvious that Dawson skill levels exceeded Mendoza. Dawson did what champions are supposed to do when faced with inferior, he kicked butt. Dawson showed every punch in the book and while the fight lasted four rounds, each minute showed the same pattern as the previous minute. Dawson moved forward and threw fast accurate combinations, reducing Mendoza on the defensive.

Last Saturday night, we saw three young fighters make that next step. Dawson won his fight impressively and impressive wins allows Dawson new options. One option is to move down to 168 pounds and take on the winner of the Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler. Or he could clean out the light heavyweight, which includes fighting Antonio Tarver or even entice Bernard Hopkins in the ring.

Kelly Pavlik is a hard punching fighter but he is not a brawer. With effective jab, he unleashes a variety of punches including hooks, straight rights and devastating uppercuts. Boxing skills compliment his toughness.

Andre Berto took major steps. What Berto showed was the ability to learn from past fights. Against Rivera, he fought like a raw brawler and forced to go the distance against a inferior opponent. In his fight with Estrada, he moved up in class and made major strides. He boxed and used sharp short punches to beat Estrada to the punch and his jab controlled the fight.

Three fights and three stars born.

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