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With pleasure, let me introduce and welcome our newest boxing beat writer Tom Donelson.

Tom is a member of the Boxing Writers Association, International Boxing Research Organization, and has written and co-written various boxing books, and also writes for numerous boxing publications.

What a gift it will be to have Tom’s expertise joining the ever expanding website.

David Martinez
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A Recent SHOBOX Fight.

By Tom Donelson

Victor Oganov faced Fulgencio Zuniga in a SHOBOX special. SHOBOX is the place where prospects face new challenges and not the tomato cans that often populate their previous resume. The Russian fighter came in this fight with 26 straight knockouts in his first 26 fights but many of his opponents were of questionable qualities. Zuniga faced a similar career crossroad when he first came to the United States exeinfo pe download. After winning his first 15 fights in his native Columbia by knockouts, Zuniga found fighting in the States a little more difficult. Since coming to the states, his record was 4-2-1 with only one knock out. Zuniga losses were to former junior Middleweight champion Daniel Santos and to Kelly Pavlik, so he lost to elite fighters but his knockout punches disappeared when facing tougher opponents.

Zuniga’s fight with Pavlik proved that he was a worthy opponent. He knocked Pavlik down early in the fight and cuts stopped the fight in the ninth round with the fight still in doubt. Victor Oganov found himself facing a tough opponent, who showed his skills against high level competition.

Oganov’s advantage was his knockout punch 다운로드. The man could punch and this was seen in the first round. Oganov’s left hook cuffed Zuniga on the side of the head and sent Zuniga reeling into the rope. The referee declared this a knockdown and Oganov took a 10-8 round. Yet the first two minutes of the round, Zuniga’s boxing confused Oganov but Oganov’s power made the difference in the round.

Zuniga’s experience showed up in the second round as he boxed and move around the Russian fighter. Oganov often failed to pull the trigger while receiving two or three blows from Zuniga. Zuniga repeatedly nailed Oganov with combinations while showing him different angles. Zuniga never stood in front of his Russian prey and allowed Oganov the opportunity to nail him with those sledgehammer shots 다운로드.

The Columbia fighter took control of the bout as his superior boxing skills dominated his opponent. Oganov found himself throwing punches at the air and when he trapped Zuniga on the rope, or appeared to trap Zuniga, Zuniga moved back to the center of the ring.

Going into the eighth round, Oganov was sufficiently behind on the cards and only a knockout would save him. With a minute left in the round, Oganov made one last effort to end the fight. He trapped Zuniga on the rope and nailed him with sledgehammer blows. Blow after blow hit Zuniga’s body but Zuniga deflected most of them. After the round, Oganov shot his wad and as the ninth round began, Oganov had very little left. Zuniga, who boxed a beautiful fight, sent Oganov down with a short, picture perfect left hook that Oganov never saw. Zuniga’s left hook barely traveled six inches but the short inside hook put Oganov reeling on his back 애니콜 벨소리 다운로드. Oganov got up but nothing was left in his legs. Zuniga rained Oganov with punches and Oganov fell back on the rope, defenseless. The referee was left with no choice as Oganov could not throw punches back. Oganov was no longer undefeated.

SHOBOX often shows whether a fighter is a future contender or a mere pretender. Oganov’s weakness was exposed as his defense consisted of using his head to block punches. He never bobbed or weaved to get inside and failed to use a jab to set up his punches. Oganov proved to be one dimensional and without these extra skills, he will soon be an opponent as opposed to a contender.

If Oganov failed to impress, James Kirkland showed that he might just be the real thing. In his third bout on SHOBOX, Kirkland showed improvement as he knocked down the tough Mohammed Said Adobe captivate download. The only flaw in Kirkland’s game was his propensity to get countered by a right. Said nailed Kirkland in many of the shootouts that punctuated this bout, but Kirkland’s punches were straighter and quicker. Kirkland’s left from his familiar southpaw stance showed punch as he stopped Said in the second round.

Kirkland is now moving up the Middleweight ranks and his quick hands along with power are assets but his defensive liability could prove disastrous against more elite fighters. As for Oganov-Zuniga bout, Zuniga proved to be the more worthy contender. Oganov has much work to do before he can be a top 20 Super Middleweight.

Some Thoughts On The Second Ali-Frazier Fight.

Tom Donelson

Ali-Frazier II

When people think of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, there are two fights that come to mind. The fight of the century in the Madison Square Garden and the Thrilla in the Manila are the two fights that fans still talk about today 인텔리스튜디오 다운로드. The second fight is the one fight that is often overlooked. This fight occurred nearly three years after the first fight and this fight would stand as one of the best of the 70’s if not overshadowed by the two other fights.

When these two warriors met for a second time, much had changed. After their first classic, both men took boxing to new heights in one of the most watched and crucial fights in boxing history. After that fight, Ali went on a challenger tour to set up a rematch with Joe Frazier. For two years, Ali won almost every fight only stumbling to Ken Norton in their first fight. He won the rematch in a razor thin decision setting up his second fight with Frazier.

As for Frazier, he was never the same fighter after the first Ali fight. He fought a couple of nondescript challengers before facing George Foreman. Favored to beat Foreman, Frazier got clobbered in two rounds. Foreman sent Frazier to the canvas six times and Foreman last knockout punch lifted Frazier up in the air before sending him down. Frazier lost his title and when he faced Ali for a second time, neither fighter were champions.

On that January night in the Madison Square Garden, this was considered a fight between two older challengers to Foreman title. There were no strong beliefs that the winner could actually beat George Foreman, for Foreman was the young knock out machine. Only Ali believed that he could beat George Foreman, but first he had to beat Frazier.

The fight began fast as Ali went after Frazier with stunningly accurate punches. Ali, dancing on his feet, turned back the clock and moved away from Frazier’s punches while nailing him with crisp combinations. The second round was not much different from the first and with one minute left, an Ali right staggered Frazier and Frazier retreated. Ali went after the shaken Frazier with fast, flashing combinations that continuously shook up Frazier. Only a miracle could save Frazier and one did occur in the form of referee Tony Perez. Perez thought he heard the bell and stopped the Ali barrage. As Ali walked back to his corner, Perez realized his mistakes and had both fighters come back out of their corner. By then, it was too late as Frazier survived the round.

Ali won the third round but by the fourth round, Frazier established his rhythm and his body shot slowed Ali down. From the fourth round through the tenth, Frazier’s body shots and aggressive style tightened the fight on the score card.

Both fighters needed the eleventh and twelfth rounds. Ali came out of the eleventh round moving and jabbing. Just as he did early in the fight, Ali’s crisp punches took command of the round as Frazier rarely proved able to strike back. With the eleventh round in his pocket, Ali went after Frazier in the twelfth round. Frazier, sensing desperation, needed a knockout. The first two minutes were close, but the final minute was all Ali. Ali rediscovered his legs and nailed Frazier with rights after rights. These rights were set up by lightening left jab. Frazier threw massive left hooks but they hit nothing but air. Ali took a unanimous decision and this set up his shot at George Foreman.

This fight had a pace of its own and proved superior to what passes as heavyweight bouts today. Frazier’s ability to cut off the ring forced Ali to fight and kept the fight close.

Without the second Ali-Frazier, there would be no Rumble in the Jungle or Thrilla in Manila. While this fight was often overlooked, it proved to be a great fight in its own right. At the time, no one knew how important this fight would be. Foreman looked unstoppable and he would soon demolish Ken Norton, who had already fought 24 close rounds with Ali. After the third Ali-Frazier fight, the second fight took on importance on its own. If Ali failed to defeat Foreman, then this fight would merely be just another good fight between two ex-champs on the down side of their career and history would even viewed the first Ali-Frazier fight differently. Foreman would have overshadowed both fighters in the 70’s.

We know the history and view this second fight as part of a boxing greatest trilogy but at the time, no one truly realized they were second act of one of boxing greatest dramas.

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