Pacquiao “Split Decision” Over Marquez

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Manny Pacquiao, David Martinez, Rusty Rubin
Manny Pacquiao, David Martinez and Rusty Rubin

The rematch was exciting, and well worth the wait since their last fight four years ago, in May 2004 고백 영화. When it came to an end, we all had seen another terrific fight.

In their first encounter, Juan Manuel Marquez was knocked down three times in the first round, but he rallied by counter-punching remarkably well to earn a hard fought draw againist Manny Pacquiao windows 7 home premium k 다운로드.

There is no question that these two boxers are the best fighters in the world today, right behind Floyd Mayweather, in the pound-for-pound rankings 다운로드.

Right from the opening bell, the action was brisk and non-stop. Marquez staggered Pacquiao in the second round, Paquiao knocked Marquez down in the third, both were subject to an unintentional headbutt in the seventh round, and that is the way is was throughout the fight – terrific!

Pacquiao-Marquez I

I personally had Marquez winning this fight on my scorecard 114 to 113; and now, instead of the rematch that should be in order (and I don’t think there will be one), Pacquiao will move up in weight to challenge WBC Lightweight title holder David Diaz for his belt, in the hopes of winning his fifth recognized world championship in a different weight class.

As for Marquez, who loses his WBC Super Featherweight belt and who will be 35 years old in five months, he will now evaluate his brilliant professional career. However, I am certain that he will continue fighting as one of the “elite” fighters in any weight division in boxing today, regardless of his age.

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  1. The web site is great dave i really like it alot i told some of my friends and they like it too. Like that you have all the details the next day after a big event like last night.

  2. Fighter of the decade and present-day P4P Manny on most websites and in actuality of ranking. Thats how it will stop if Floyds profession ends now. Manny on leading right up until Floyd grows a sack.

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